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Posted: January 09, 2021


CLOSED until mid March

  • Imagize Your World will be closed until approximately mid March. During this time, I will be mostly unavailable and offline. Thank you for understanding. :)


A Note About the CoVID-19 National Emergency...

As long as the USPS continues to operate normally, and I'm able to keep the necessary components/materials in stock, I will continue to process and ship orders as usual. If you have any questions about an existing or potential order, please contact me so I can assist you. Thank you, and stay safe! :)


Volume Pricing for Jewelry and Components...

  • All items in my "Jewelry" and "Components & Supplies" categories are Buy 2, Get 2% off, or Buy 3, Get 3% off, or Buy 4+, Get 5% off
    • Add any 2 or more qualifying items to your cart, and the discount will automatically be applied during checkout.
    • Applies to all qualifying items, even if the items are from different listings; Mix-n-Match however you like!
    • If you have questions, or need me to adjust the available quantities of any specific variations, please ask! :)

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Free Shipping Offer!

Combine multiple purchases into a single order of $50.00 or more, and basic U.S. Shipping is FREE! Certain terms and conditions apply. If you have questions please ask prior to purchasing.

 ~ General Help ~

 for eBay purchases and procedures...



Adding a Message to your order

Most of my items are custom-made-to-order, with a variety of buyer-specified options available; even when some of these options can be selected from drop-down menus during the purchasing process, there may be additional information or special instructions you will want to add manually. Here are just a few examples of reasons you may want to include a message:

  • Requesting a custom length for a cord necklace or bracelet (shorter than the selected length)
  • Specifying a Size (or target length) for an adjustable choker without selectable sizes
  • Requesting that one end of a cord necklace not be terminated
  • Requesting that a cord necklace and extender chain purchased together be combined into one completed item
  • Specifying your color choice(s) for a custom multi-strand necklace


The included screen shots have been redacted

  • Light purple blocks show where information has been removed
  • Dark purple text (Times New Roman font) has been added
  • Magenta "circles" have been added to indicate specific links/areas
  • Screen shots were taken in late December 2013
  • (exact look may vary due to beta tests and changes that eBay makes)


A message can be "officially" added to an order during checkout, on the "Review order" screen, shown here...

Ends/Clasp Sample


When you click on the "Add message" link shown above (next to the Seller's username), a text box will open directly underneath it, as shown here...

Ends/Clasp Sample


IMPORTANT! After you type your message, you MUST click on the "Add message" button under the text box (indicated above) to save the message and add it to your order.

HELPFUL TIP: Although eBay allows up to 500 characters to be entered, the PayPal system will only accept the first 250. Many sellers do not realize this, and may not see the rest of your message if it is longer than that. (Spaces are included in the character count.)

RECOMMENDED: After you complete checkout, I strongly recommend that you verify your message was added, to ensure you are not disappointed with your purchase; you are solely responsible for ensuring that your custom/special requests are communicated to me before your item goes into production. Due to the nature of custom/made-to-order-items, returns/exchanges are not possible, so the extra minute this takes is a good investment. :)


Verifying your Message was added to your order (after completing checkout)

In addition to appearing on the "Transaction Details" page (and payment receipt email) in the PayPal system, successfully added messages will appear on the "Order details" page in the eBay system, as shown here...

Ends/Clasp Sample

To view the "Order details" page:

  • Go to your Purchase History (on your "my eBay" page)
  • Select "view order details" from the actions menu for the applicable order


IMPORTANT! If your message does not appear in the above mentioned locations, then it does not exist and you will need to send a standard message instead.

  • Go to your Purchase History ("my eBay" page), and select "Contact Seller" from the action menu for the applicable order.
  • One of the "subject" options given for the message should be "Request to Change Order" (or wording similar to that)...
  • ... Select that subject, then type your message.
  • Click on the "send" button when you are ready to send it.
  • The eBay system should indicate that your message was successfully sent.



Purchasing Multiple Items with the best Combined Shipping Discount

My Combined Shipping Discounts are automatically applied by the eBay system during checkout.

  • If you use "Add to Cart" to select each item: Enter checkout from your Shopping Cart once all items are listed.
  • If you use "Buy It Now" to select each item: Enter checkout from eBay's "Pay Now" link for any one of the items; verify all items are listed in the checkout flow before completing payment.

IMPORTANT! Some buyers may not be able to select items via "Buy It Now" without paying for each one individually. If this change to eBay policy affects you, you will need to use the Shopping Cart to combine your purchases prior to payment.

ADDITIONAL DETAILS: eBay is in the process of removing the "commit to purchase" step from the "Buy It Now" function; they are making this change gradually, so some buyers have been affected by this for many months, whereas other are still not affected. Buyers who are affected by this change will NOT be able to combine "Buy It Now" items because they will not be able to complete the item selection process without paying for each item separately... and paying for each item separately will void the combined shipping offers. Therefore, to ensure that you will be able to combine your items with the best possible discount, I strongly recommend using "Add to Cart" (instead of "Buy It Now").

More information about this change to the way "Buy It Now" works can be found on eBay's 2013 Spring Seller Update: Unpaid Items page.



Changing the Shipping Address during checkout

Orders can only be shipped to the address officially provided with payment. However, that does NOT mean that orders can only be shipped the address you have on file with eBay or PayPal. Alternate addresses (work, dorm, etc.), gift address or other address corrections/changes can be made during checkout. On the "Review Order" page, you will be able to see the Name/Address under the "Ship to" heading. Directly under that there is a "Change shipping address" link (circled in the redacted screen shot below). Simply click on that link and follow the prompts to make any necessary changes. Once you return to the Review Order page, verify that your changes appear correctly before continuing the checkout process.

Ends/Clasp Sample



Misc. General eBay FAQ's

Q: If an eBay seller does NOT "Accept Returns," does that mean that I am stuck if there is a problem?

A: NO, of course not! "Returns" are a completely separate issue from receiving damaged, misrepresented or incorrect merchandise. If there is a problem with your purchase, contact your seller immediately to let them know. Make sure you retain all original packaging and packing materials (even if damage is not the problem) unless/until the seller has told you that you can discard them; if a return is necessary, you may be required to include those materials.

If you have a legitimate complaint about the item -- damaged in transit, wrong item(s), missing item(s), item is significantly different from the description, etc. -- AND the seller refuses to help you, you will be able to open an "Item Not As Described" case in eBay's Resolution Center. (The eBay "Money Back Guarantee" -- formerly called "Buyer Protection" -- is NOT a substitute for "Returns"; it is a way to help protect buyers from sellers who will not cooperate when a legitimate problem arises.)

On eBay, "Accepting Returns" is specifically defined as allowing buyers who have simply changed their minds to send the item back -- in the original, resalable condition -- for a refund (or exchange). This includes situations such as deciding the purchase was more of a financial burden than originally anticipated, not liking the way an article of clothing looks on you or fits, determining the color isn't really what you wanted, the person you purchased it for didn't like it, someone else purchased the same thing for you, etc. Although you may need to "return" a defective, damaged or incorrect item in the sense that you have to "send it back to the seller," that type of situation does NOT fall under a seller's "Return Policy"; it falls under eBay's requirement that sellers provide the correct, accurately described item to the buyer in the condition originally disclosed.


Q: Can a seller have a 14-day Return Policy but state in the description that they will only accept returns for errors/damage?

A: NO! eBay explicitly states that sellers who accept returns must accept them "for any reason"... and that includes no-fault/buyer's remorse reasons. Sellers who select the "14-day/money back" return policy receive bonuses from eBay for doing so, including better search placement and a possible discount on fees (additional criteria must be met for this). Any seller selecting the 14-day/money back return policy while having no intention of accepting buyer's remorse returns is "gaming the system" to get an unfair advantage (not to mention confusing and alienating buyers). Sellers who do not want to accept no-fault/"buyer's remorse" returns are required to select the "NO RETURNS ACCEPTED" policy.

However, sellers who accept returns MAY make certain stipulations with regard to item condition, restocking fees, etc. For example, it would be completely appropriate for a seller to select a 14-day/money back return policy and then stipulate that the item must be received back unopened and in the same condition it was when they sent it. It would also be appropriate to state that shipping is not refundable or note a certain percentage restocking fee. HOWEVER, it is NOT appropriate to select a 14-day/money back return policy and then state that the item can only be returned if it is found to be defective.


If you were directed here by one of my item descriptions, and the information (or photo) you intended to reference is not here, nor at any of the above links, please contact me for assistance. Thank you!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know!


 Last Updated 02/08/2014


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