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Updated: June 13, 2019


Holiday Reminder & other Possible Delays...

  • My eBay store will be CLOSED for the month of JULY, and I will have limited to no availability during that time; please plan accordingly.
    • My eBay store will reopen in August.
  • Thursday, July 04, 2019 is a Federal Holiday observed by the USPS, so there will be no mail delivery that day; please plan accordingly.
  • For more details, see my eBay store Messages and Announcements
Sorry I missed you! ImagizeYourWorld will reopen on August 1. Thank you for understanding! :)

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Combine multiple purchases into a single order of $50.00 or more, and basic U.S. Shipping is FREE! Certain terms and conditions apply. If you have questions please ask prior to purchasing.

 ~ FAQ's for While My Store is Closed ~

 ... Things you may need to know while I am unavailable: July 05 - 31, 2019.


Q: I made a purchase on or before June 30. When will I receive my order?

A: All orders received prior to my eBay store being placed "on vacation" (July 1) have already been delivered, per the USPS Tracking information. If you do not have your package, please scroll down to the answer for "I ordered prior to July 1, but have not received my package."


Q: I placed an order in July; when will it ship?

A: My store was placed "on vacation" on July 01, with an eBay system setting that blocks orders from being placed. If a glitch occurred and the eBay system erroneously allowed you to make a purchase, I will unfortunately not be aware of it, and not be able to process it, until my store re-opens on August 1. For most items, this means an expected shipping date between Friday, August 2 and Tuesday, August 6 (for items with a 5 business day handling time, this means a shipping date between Friday, August 2 and Thursday, August 8). Thank you for understanding.


Q: I received my order, but there is a problem. What do I do?

A: Please keep all packing materials (including the shipping box) and send me an eBay message with the details. For the fastest service, please send the message by replying to the one I sent you after your order shipped (the one with the date your package shipped and your tracking number), and be as specific and clear as possible. (If you choose to use the "contact seller" form instead, since I am offline and out of the office, please select "Other" or "I have question about using my item or I want to send the seller a message" as the contact reason, when prompted by the eBay system. Either way, I will assist you as soon as I am back online/in the office. Please understand that I will not actually receive/be aware of your message while I am offline. There is no need to send additional messages, unless you have additional information to add, or have not heard back from me by the evening of August 2. Thank you for your patience and understanding, and I look forward to assisting you as soon as possible.


Q: I need to place an order as soon as you re-open; how can find out when that is?

A: I will be happy to notify you when my store is able to accept new orders again; simply send me a message asking me to do so.


Q: I ordered prior to July 1, but have not received my package.

A: All orders received prior to my eBay store being placed "on vacation" (July 1) have already been delivered, per the USPS Tracking information; if you do not have your package, I recommend taking the following actions:

1. Verify the address I shipped it to is where you expected to receive it. When I printed the shipping label, a notification email was automatically generated and sent to you; that email will provide the address that was used for the label. If you can't find that email, check the address attached to your order. [From your eBay Purchase History, find the item(s)/order and select "View order details" from the "more actions" menu to see the address eBay attached to your order. From your PayPal account, find the payment and view the details to see the address PayPal attached to your order.] If the address is NOT correct, skip past the numbered steps. If the address IS correct, proceed to step 2.

2. Check with other household members, neighbors, building managers, etc. (anyone who may have mistakenly received your package or accepted it on your behalf).

3. If possible, check with your USPS carrier to see if they remember the package.

4. Check with your local Post Office; take your tracking number with you, and ask if they can check their internal intranet for additional information that might help to locate the package (the USPS internal system often shows more detail then the public tracking we can see). If you're unable to speak with your carrier directly, your PO should be able to speak to them on your behalf.

Package Description: The vast majority of orders were shipped in a white corrugated cardboard box, sized to fit one standard DVD movie case. The others were shipped in an eBay-branded light gray PolyBag, with a smaller box inside.

... If the address attached to your order is different from where you intended to receive the package, and you are unable to retrieve the package from where it was actually shipped: If the package is refused by the recipient, or otherwise returned to me by the USPS, reshipment to the corrected address can be arranged once I receive it (and am back online/in the office).


Thank you for understanding, and I look forward to "seeing you" when my eBay store reopens!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know!


 Last Updated 07/05/2019