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Updated: April 02, 2019


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How to attach the looped end (cord terminator) to the cord...

Last Updated 08/04/2010

(PLEASE NOTE: The samples shown below illustrate the style of the components that will be used; the actual color of the cord, clasps and findings will vary from the pictures, based on what you actually ordered. These photos are only to give you a visual reference.)


You will NOT need any glue to attach the end piece. The only tool you will need is pliers.

FLAT NOSE Pliers work best; however, you can use the Needle Nose pliers from a standard tool box if you do not have jewelry/crafting tools. (I do NOT recommend trying to use standard pliers due to the size.)

Masking tape (or painters tape) can be placed on the plier jaws to cut down on any marring or scratching of the metal. This will also help to keep dirt (etc.) from being transferred to the jewelry... especially if you are using tool box pliers. (Please note that the tape might make it harder to keep the tool from slipping, so be extra careful.)


Make sure to string your pendant (or beads, charms, etc.) onto the cord before attaching the end. (Once the end is on, the only way to remove it is by the cutting that part of the cord off, and you will not be able to reuse the metal end piece.)


Please note: The sample photos show base metal ends, and 2 mm cord. Sterling Silver ends and other sizes of cord may have a slightly different look. (1.5 mm cord will have more overlap of the sides of the end piece. 3 mm cord will have a space between the sides of the end piece.)


First, you will need to place the end of the cord inside the metal end piece, keeping the very end of the cord below the loop [2].




Next, you will use the pliers to fold one side of the End Piece down onto the cord [3]... and then the other side [4]. (It does not matter which side is first. (Those who are right-handed may find it easier to start with the side pictured; those who are left-handed may find it easier to start with the opposite side.)




Now your necklace is complete!



Construction Logo

On 01/23/2013 I moved this information here, from what was originally a stand-alone web page, for the convenience of my eBay customers; that web page was last updated on 08/04/2010. I will be revamping this page to match my other eBay store pages in the near future... and hopefully will be able to include new/better photos (and maybe even a video) at that time. If you have any questions (or suggestions for making this page more helpful), please contact me.