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Posted: January 09, 2021


CLOSED until mid March

  • Imagize Your World will be closed until approximately mid March. During this time, I will be mostly unavailable and offline. Thank you for understanding. :)


A Note About the CoVID-19 National Emergency...

As long as the USPS continues to operate normally, and I'm able to keep the necessary components/materials in stock, I will continue to process and ship orders as usual. If you have any questions about an existing or potential order, please contact me so I can assist you. Thank you, and stay safe! :)


Volume Pricing for Jewelry and Components...

  • All items in my "Jewelry" and "Components & Supplies" categories are Buy 2, Get 2% off, or Buy 3, Get 3% off, or Buy 4+, Get 5% off
    • Add any 2 or more qualifying items to your cart, and the discount will automatically be applied during checkout.
    • Applies to all qualifying items, even if the items are from different listings; Mix-n-Match however you like!
    • If you have questions, or need me to adjust the available quantities of any specific variations, please ask! :)

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 ~ Adjustable Chokers ~

 ...Velvet, Deerskin, Holiday Patterns, etc.


Last Updated: May 10, 2016

This Page is Under Construction

Thank you for your patience and understanding while I set this page up with information and photos pertaining to my adjustable chokers. If there is information or sample photos you would like to see added to this page, please let me know. :)


Coming soon: Samples photos of completed chokers and hardware color options, links to live searches for specific styles, colors and widths, and more!



Misc. Choker FAQs

Q: What kind of chokers do you offer?

A: I offer a wide variety of materials, sizes and colors for my chokers (some are already listed, but many more options will be added over the coming weeks and months). Velvet Chokers are available in a variety of colors, styles and widths, ranging from 5 to 50 mm (approximately 1/4 of an inch to 2 inches); my basic elastic and non-elastic flat velvet chokers are [in the process of being updated, separated and re-] listed by width and color group (7/8 inch shades of purple, 3/8 inch shades of green, etc.); special styles -- such as scalloped velvet (coming soon), or sheer frill with an elastic velvet center -- are listed separately from the basic velvet. Printed/Patterned Ribbon/Fabric Chokers are listed by design theme (Halloween, Snowflakes, Harlequin Diamonds, etc.), while Lace and other additional Ribbon/Fabric/Trim Chokers are listed by style... but may be further broken down by width and/or color groups, depending on how many options are available. Additionally, my basic Cord Necklaces (Leather/Suede/Deerskin, Satin Cord (coming soon), Velveteen Rubber Cord (coming soon), etc.) can be custom-made as adjustable chokers by requesting the applicable custom length and purchasing an optional extender chain in the same order/transaction (and requesting they be combined by adding a message during checkout).


Q: What sizes (length ranges) do you offer for your adjustable chokers?

A: My standard choker sizes include a 2.5 inch long chain and are: XS (10.5 - 13 inches), S (12 - 14.5 inches), M (13.5 - 16 inches), L (15 - 17.5 inches), XL (16.5 - 19 inches) and XXL (18 - 20.5 inches).

I also offer sizes that include a 4 inch long chain; these can be better for gift-giving or other circumstances where the exact "target length" is not known: 10 - 14 inches, 12 - 16 inches, 14 - 18 inches, and 16 - 20 inches.

The length ranges specified are the approximate "fit lengths" (approximate inside circumferences). The "shortest length" of a given range includes the terminated ribbon/fabric/trim/cord and the clasp/closure when it's applied to the shortest setting; please note that the flat end-to-end length will be longer than the "inside circumference" (for flat and flat-backed trims, ribbons, fabric, etc. the difference will be minimal; for bulkier materials, such as round cord or beads, the difference may be more significant).

I recommend that the shortest stated length of the size you choose be at least 0.75 inch shorter than your target length (neck circumference) to ensure the best possible fit. (I recommend a flexible seamstress measuring tape be used to determine the target length; for best results, make sure the tape measure is held in the exact location you intend to wear the choker.)

Shorter length ranges, longer length ranges, in between length ranges, chokers with a different length chain, chokers with no chain, chokers with a larger clasp, chokers with a magnetic clasp, etc. can be listed by special request. Just let me know the details so I can add what you need.


Q: How do the chains for your chokers compare to the Custom Extender Chains you sell?

A: The chains on my chokers are identical to my Custom Extender Chains with the style number _. (Chokers shipped prior to April 04, 2016, had chains identical to my Custom Extender Chains with the style number __.) Chokers can be listed with style number __ chains, style number __ chains or style number __ chains by special request. (Special request chokers made with Sterling Silver Hardware will be made with the Sterling Silver version of style number __ chain.)


Q: What if I want a different chain length and/or "length range" than the options you offer?

A: I am always happy to accommodate special requests when possible. If you contact me with the details, I can create a listing specifically for your Special Order (or add the options you want to an existing listing). Please make sure to specify all the necessary details.


Q: Do you offer Sterling Silver or any other metal colors in addition to Silver Tone and Gold Tone?

A: In addition to Silver Tone and Gold Tone, I offer Gunmetal, Antique Brass/Bronze and Antique Copper for all ribbon chokers. I may also be able to offer Copper (rose) for 3/8 inch wide chokers, or Sterling Silver for chokers ranging from 3/8 to 7/8 inch wide, in limited quantities by special request (price and handling/production time may vary); if you would like to order a choker with Copper (rose) or Sterling Silver hardware, please contact me with the details and I will list what you want if it is possible.


Q: Can I order a "Vampire Bite" choker in a color other than Black and/or Satin instead of Velvet?

A: Absolutely! Any of the (non-elastic and non-metallic/glitter) Velvet, Satin or Grosgrain ribbon chokers I offer can have a "Vampire Bite" added. Simply contact me with the details [Material, Color, Width, Choker Size and Clasp/Hardware Color] and I will list that option for you.


Q: I would like a velvet color/width combination that you don't offer. Can you make it available for me?

A: Maybe. The velvet I use comes from a number of different manufacturers, so not all colors are available in all sizes/styles. Please contact me with the details, including any applicable deadline (such as if you need it for a particular event).


Q: Do you offer any chokers that are NOT velvet?

A: Yes! I offer a wide variety of non-velvet chokers, including satin, grosgrain, lace, leather and suede; in addition to solid colors, I also offer printed ribbon chokers that range from everyday prints (such as Leopard Spots, Zebra Stripes and Flowers) to holiday/seasonal prints (such as Christmas Holly, Autumn Leaves, and St. Patrick's Day Shamrocks), to patterns/shapes (such as Harlequin Diamonds, Fleur-de-Lis and Plaid). If you are looking for something you do not see in my eBay store, please let me know so I can assist you.


Q: Is it safe to use a lint roller on the velvet chokers?

A: A lint roller may be carefully (and sparingly) used on the plush side of non-elastic velvet chokers; however, a lint roller should NOT be used on Elastic Velvet (with or without sheer frill), Glitter/Metallic Velvet, nor on the back side of any of the velvet.


Q: Can I order an adjustable choker with a magnetic clasp?

A: Yes! Simply include one of my Magnetic Clasp Converters is the same order/transaction as your choker AND include a message during checkout specifying that the Magnetic Clasp is for your choker. (The choker size selected/specified will apply to the completed choker including the magnetic clasp.)

If you select "Split Ring" for both ends of the Converter, I will include the Magnetic Clasp between the Lobster Clasp and the rest of the choker; this will allow you to adjust the length via the Lobster Clasp and Chain, and then use the Magnetic Clasp as the actual closure when putting on/taking off the necklace. (If you would prefer a complete Magnetic Clasp Converter that can be removed from the Choker, then you should select "Lobster Clasp" for "End #1" and either "Split Ring" or "Eyelet Tag" for "End #2.")

A 6 mm diameter magnetic clasp should be sufficient for most basic ribbon chokers; however, heavier chokers -- such as 2 inch wide velvet, leather/suede/deerskin, double chokers, braided/woven chokers, chain chokers, etc. -- and chokers that you will be adding a pendant, charms or other embellishments to may need a larger magnetic clasp. If you need help selecting the magnetic clasp, or have further questions, please contact me with the details.


If you were directed here by one of my item descriptions, and the information (or photo) you intended to reference is not here, nor at any of the above links, please contact me for assistance. Thank you!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know!


 Last Updated 05/10/2016


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