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    Natural Skin Care & Makeup Bring Results

    We are dedicated to providing real results skincare and makeup that is packed with all natural and certified organic ingredients. Since in 2003, we have developed products that are alternative to mainstream cosmetics. Over the years we have earned a reputation of excellence due to our core values staying true to “small batch” hand crafted products formulated and bottled in our Oregon facility.

    We reclaimed the concept of beauty from the profit-driven interests who dilute the ideals of productive results oriented products. We use inspiration we find in Mother Nature and the simple desire to live a pure existence when we create products that beautify and protect your youth and health. We stay clear of toxins and ingredients that may alter the true natural value of the rich botanicals, herbs or essential oils! Our natural and organic products are our obsession; we research and check every ingredient of our formulation. Only then they will we offer our product to you.

    We have chosen this strict path in selecting our ingredients in creating your products because we understand that for real results orientated products we must include the very best of what nature can provide us. From our high potency anti-aging Serums to our complete lineup of mineral makeup, the skin stays free from damaging effects and you truly see results. Even our mineral makeup is free from Parabins and rich in detoxing clays that leave the skin clear and healthy.

    Choosing a makeup that supports the all natural and non toxic theme of the iQ Natural brand is no problem with our Mineral Makeup Line. Add a spark of our elegant mattes to iridescent luxury tones of eyeshadows with out worrying about skin irritating ingredients. We use a jojoba base lip stick and gloss with high pigment content that naturally nourishes your lips. Don't neglect the rest of your body, our Bath & Body products offer the perfect combination of organic and natural ingredients. Use the body moisturizers, scrubs or the cleansers, your body will breathe and rejuvenate because they are up to 94% organic content.