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Dachshunds.Doxies.Dachsies.Wiener Dogs.Sausage Dogs. Whatever we call them, we all know what they are;little long bodied dogs with short legs that just look so darn cute waddling six inches away from the ground.

They have been in the American Kennel Association's list of Top Ten Breeds in North America. You can't beat a dachshund for variety;two sizes,three types of coats and a bevvy of colours (colors). They have a look that can melt your heart. But is a dachshund the right dog for you?

Like any breed of dog, researching this type of breed is a very positive step into finding out if you and a dachshund go hand in hand like a wiener and a bun.

A Brief Lowdown

The dachshund hails from Germany, and literally is translated into "badger dog". Bred to flush out badgers and small prey, these wiener shaped dogs were bred for this task. Their legs are short for powerful digging and navigating burrows. They have a skinny tail that would allow for them to be pulled out should they become stuck. Dachshunds have a powerful,strong bark for a reason. The sound was meant to be heard for hunters to hear when they quarried their prey. There is not one person who fails to be surprised by a big bark in a small dog.Dachshunds are categorized in the Hound Group;dogs that are typically hunting dogs.

Why is this important for potential owners to know? Because even after years of domestication,instinct is never bred out of a dog. Knowing the origin of a breed helps to understand them.

Variety is the Spice of Life

Dachshunds have three coat types: smooth or smooth haired,wire or wire haired, and long or long haired. Most people are familiar with the smooth coat. Wire haired dachshunds have a terrier-like beard and their coat is usually coarser. They shed the least among the three. They require brushing to remove the hairs from the undercoat.Long haired dachshunds resemble mini Irish Setters the way their coat falls, and do require more brushing.The coat is silky, and their tails look like plumes. As far as colours go, dachshunds have quite a range. Colors range from cream,red,black and red, black and tan, brindle, brown, dapple (a mottled pattern) to piebald (more of a spotted coat).

There is said to be behavior differences among the different coat types. Wirehairs are more laid back than longhairs, and smooths are said to be the most stubborn of the lot.Make no mistake, all wiener dogs do require a training, and their behavior can be as different as human beings.

Originally, dachshunds were quite large,the size of a basset hound. Miniatures were classified as being 15 pounds and under. Now the classification has moved the former miniatures to a "Standard" size, and mini dachshunds are now 10 and under.There is also a classification know as tweenies";dachshunds that fall in between.

All in One Package

Dachshunds are very loyal,affectionate dogs.They have a boundless energy that needs to be addressed with daily walking. They love their treats and will eat anything in sight. So it's always best to put anything you don't want consumed in cupboards with baby locks or five feet away from the ground.I mentioned baby locks, because as I have learned from having been owned by a dachshund for 16 years is you never underestimate them.Short legs don't mean a thing, especially when they have a strong nose to assist them.

Wieners love to be where their owners are and many love to travel. They benefit most from 4-6 hours of company, as most dogs do.They love to snuggle and that means with you under the cover of a warm bed.No matter how much you think you won't have a dachshund on the bed,somehow he'll end up migrating there. Dachshunds should never be encouraged to jump, and therefore will need to be lifted up and down steep inclines. You will need to be able to carry 10-15 pounds ( or more,if you choose a standard; 20-27 pounds) comfortably.
The average life expectancy of a dachshund is anywhere from 12-16 years and sometimes longer. They will give you years of unconditional love.

More Low-Downs

Avoid rough handling with a dachshund. This puts strain on their spines, and can lead to herniated discs. If you have small children, it is perhaps wise to let them grow up around a larger more tolerant dog. Dachshunds who have been mishandled will become snappy,and then it's bad news for everyone,especially the dog. Learn how to carry a wiener dog properly, to support his back.

If you love your garden, and landscaping, you will need to train your hound not to dig. If you live in a condo that has thin walls,remember the hound bark;it carries. And, prepare for a battle of wills...a dachshund will risk the odd discipline if there is a rainstorm out and you need him to do his business.

As mentioned above, dachshunds need 4-6 hours of company,no dog benefits from being alone. Doggy daycares are available for owners who work long hours or if you have odd shifts. But nothing can substitute for you being there with him.
Dachshunds are wonderful dogs, and once you've been owned by one, you'll never go back.

Have fun in your search, and if you still are convinced a wiener dog is for you, then all you have to do is pick the size,coat and color!

All the Best,
Patricia Harold
Hound and Handbag Gift Company

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