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CLARITY ENHANCED DIAMONDS are 100% natural diamonds that have been mined from the earth, just like every other natural diamond.

After being cut and polished, these diamonds undergo another unique treatment aimed at improving the clarity of the diamond. This treatment does not change any other property of the diamond except its clarity (even the carat weight remains exactly the same).

Since the original cost of the rough diamond material was that of a low-clarity grade, the price of the final clearer diamond, is also relatively low although it looks as good as the non-enhanced diamond having an equivalent clarity grade. This means you can receive a noticeably clearer diamond for prices which are virtually incomparable- reaching as little as 50% of the price of an untreated counterpart.


Clarity enhancement is the cutting-edge of natural diamond treatments. This highly sophisticated scientific process provides numerous incomparable benefits. Simply put, you will not be able to find a better deal on a natural diamond. Anywhere. Guaranteed.


A Clarity enhanced diamond can cost as little as 50% of an untreated similarly-graded diamond. Clarity enhancement, in fact, provides the best value for money for natural diamonds.


Given the same budget, a clarity enhanced diamond is still natural but can be about 30%-50% larger. All the other diamond specifications (like cut, color and clarity) will remain unchanged - but the size of the diamond you can afford will increase significantly. Clarity enhanced diamonds provide better value for money for natural diamonds.


Given the same budget, a clarity enhanced diamond will always be more beautiful and grade higher. Since clarity enhancement provides better value for money, with the same budget, you can afford a diamond which is still natural but has whiter color, higher clarity and a better cut. Clarity enhanced diamonds provide better value for money for natural diamonds.


The proprietary process we use is extremely durable - being perfected for over 20 years. The treatment will remain intact for a lifetime and withstands standard wear and tear just like any other natural diamond. Only strong industrial acids or extreme heat of over 300 degrees Celsius (572 degrees Fahrenheit) can risk the enhancement.


Clarity enhanced diamonds are very rare and difficult to purchase. Most jewelers do not hold clarity enhanced diamonds and the selection is very limited. Today, the most promising source for clarity enhanced diamonds is a specialized supplier and manufacturer such as ourselves.


Clarity enhancement adds another complication to the mix. Should a clarity enhanced diamond be graded as it appears before the enhancement was applied, or after? Since the clarity enhancement process is aimed at changing the diamond’s clarity, this choice will obviously change the grade received.

Some gemologists claim that diamonds should be graded before the enhancement has been applied. Since the enhancement can be reversed by special equipment, this means that a given grade and certificate can be rendered incorrect if indeed the enhancement is removed. The problem with grading based on the clarity prior to the enhancement is that it makes the grade received irrelevant in determining the diamond dollar value. Obviously, an enhanced diamond that reached a clarity level of VS2 (no eye visible inclusions) is worth more than a diamond that only reached a clarity level of SI1 (tiny eye visible inclusions are possible). Therefore, gemologists specializing in clarity enhanced diamonds always grade the diamond after the enhancement has been applied.

GIA, as a leading gemological laboratory, has chosen not to certify clarity-enhanced diamonds at all. Other prominent labs, such as EGL, IGI etc., do actually grade enhanced stones, and they base their report on the state of clarity as it appears after the enhancement.