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Congratulations, you have purchased a high quality Uber-Lyft Exclusive Design EL Sign from GCS Signs. Our sign will provide thousands of trouble free hours of service with minimum upkeep. It comes pre-assembled in the recommended order but can be modified to meet your needs.  The length of the cord is adequate for most applications but an optional 6 foot extension can be purchased from us and added if necessary.  You can use a double sided removable tape or the suction cups included in the kit to mount and or move it to various areas of your windshield.  Keep your sign in new condition by following these few simple rules.

1. DO NOT use any higher voltage power source than any car lighter adapter with USB receptacle, not included, available in a variety of stores or the warranty is void.

2. Use the included USB Power Switch to turn off the sign when not in use. As an option, the sign can be operated without the USB Power Switch. Remove switch and plug the USB end of the power inverter directly into the car lighter adapter.

3. Unplug the sign from the power source when not in use for long periods of time.

4. Mount all connectors in any area that protect them from being broken by feet or doors. This means DO NOT LOCATE the connectors under the floor mats or in the door closing area. Mounting the wire in those areas is ok just NOT THE CONNECTIONS.

5. Make sure all connectors are fully inserted into their respective receptors before sign is powered up.

6. To maintain the signs appearance clean the front of sign using only a soft, barely damp cloth, NO CHEMICALS, to wipe the surface, follow with a dry cloth.  DO NOT clean the back of the sign. If it gets wet dab off moisture with dry cloth and let dry before operating.

7. Refrain from exposing the sign to long periods of direct sunlight. I.E. DO NOT park for days in hot climates during the summer exposed to sunlight with sign mounted in windshield. Remove it and remount it when you resume driving.

Instructions for Mounting the Suction Cups Included In Kit

1. To mount suction cups included in the kit punch two holes in the clear area on opposite sides of the sign with a standard paper punch.  DO NOT USE a knife or other sharp object to make these holes. Serious injury to you or damage to the sign could result.

2. Holding the front side of the sign facing you insert the smaller side of the suction cup at a slight angle until the lip of it is in the hole. Push it in the hole at the same time gently twisting it in one continuous direction. You can use a Q-tip moistened with water applied to the end you are inserting to help insert it. Make sure sign is completely dry before using.

3. To move the sign remove the suction cups one at a time by placing a fingernail under the edge of the cup and gently pulling back. DO NOT ATTEMPT to pull them off by holding the sign and pulling. This could result in permanent damage to the signs electrical parts.

Instructions for Mounting Double Sided Tape (Not Included In Kit)

1. Please bear in mind using double sided tape is a more permanent mounting solution. Use the thicker removable mounting squares, clear will look better, available at a variety of stores.

2. Remove backing and place one square in the middle of each clear end opposite of each other. If more stability or longer mounting time is necessary, mount four pieces, one in each corner. Even though the tape is supposed to be removable, it might be difficult to remove the sign without damaging tape that will need to be replaced.

3. If tape needs to be replaced remove old excess by rolling thumb or forefinger over tape until removed. DO NOT USE any chemical remover or damage to surface of sign could result.

4. Make sure to also remove and clean away any tape residue from your windshield prior to remounting the sign.

For additional help, questions or concerns please contact Customer Service at 1-877-979-9393.