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Hard-to-find, obsolete, original Mustang parts from 1964½ – 1973. Also 1974 – 1978 Mustang II, 1967 – 1978 Cougar, 1963 – 1973 Fairlane, Falcon, Torino, Maverick, Comet, and more!

Original Parts with an Original Fit!

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Why buy original?

Original or reproduction parts? How do you determine what is best for your vintage Mustang?

Original parts offer the best fit. An original part might need a little clean-up, but once it has been restored and installed, it fits your Mustang like the day it came out of the factory, with an all-original fit. Reproduction parts often need to be modified to achieve a proper fit.

Original parts offer the best quality. Original parts were made stronger than reproduction parts. Reproduction parts are often flimsy and are not of the finest quality. In the early days of the reproduction industry, parts were made with presses and dyes that were worn down from the original assembly line machinery. As a result, these inferior reproduction parts did not offer the best fit, nor did they offer the quality that the original parts did. In recent years, reproduction parts have gotten better, but are still of inferior quality. Some reproduction parts, specifically body parts, are often made of a lesser gauge steel than original parts were. For instance, an original Mustang fender fits and lines up nicely with a Mustang door, but a reproduction fender is made of a lesser gauge steel and does not line up well.

Original parts are authentic. With original parts, your Mustang's originality is maintained. Vintage Classic Mustangs are instantly recognizable. They are stylish and elegant and are a true piece of nostalgic American beauty at its best. Mustangs are a symbol of the 1960's and 1970's era and relay enthusiastic, youthful assertiveness and accomplishment. Using original parts on your refurbished Mustang proves you take a commitment to excellence seriously and have a sense of duty to preserve American history.

Original parts adhere to strict judging rules at Mustang shows. Mustangs restored to concours condition commonly use N.O.S. or factory original parts. Judges look for original parts and check to see how well the originality of the vehicle has been preserved. Mustangs restored to concours specifications command attention and are excitingly popular at car shows.

Original parts offer collectible value. A classic Mustang holds its value if it's original. Using original parts to restore a Mustang preserves its appearance and captures a moment of American history and culture. With its debut back in 1964, the Ford Mustang's popularity quickly grew and Ford dealers broke sales record after sales record. No other car in in history has ever skyrocketed as quickly into the ranks of the top sellers. Today, the Ford Mustang is still one of the most collectible cars in the world. The Mustang's unbridled power continues to shine!

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