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For My Castle , The largest selection of Kitchenware

For My Castle carries the largest selection of Kitchen Accessories

For My Castle , The largest selection of Kitchenware

For My Castle carries the largest selection of Kitchen Accessories


Welcome to one of the Largest sources for Cookware, Bakeware, Flatware, Kitchen Tools and Accessories!

For My Castle is one of the world's largest retailers for Cookware, Bakeware, Coffee Presses/ Pots, Tea Makers/ Pots, Flatware, Kitchen Tools and Gadgets. Our kitchen experts have served up a selection of cookware, utensils, bakeware and more designed with serious cooks (and everyone's budget) in mind. Such as products from  Admetior Frieling Kaiser Kuchenprofi Mastrad Norpro Omniware Planetary Design Silit Takeya Timolino Tovolo WMF Zassenhaus Zevro and many more. We strive to find you the best new Kitchen Gadgets and Cooking Tools on the market that not only improve your cooking but make it more time saving and enjoyable. Our Large selection of  Kitchen supplies and accessories keeps your cooking delicious and looking sharp. With For My Castle you get friendly customer service that comes with our deep commitment to provide the best variety of Kitchen products available anywhere!.

Customer Service

  • About For My Castle

    Visit our website for our complete inventory :

    We have been members on eBay since February of 2000. We began as eBay buyers and have gradually started selling items off and on for the last 16 years. We have both worked in the Retail Industry our whole lives. We decided to start our own store and we hope you enjoy shopping with us! We started filling our store with quality Norpro Products such as their Krona Cookware, their GripEZ line for those with arthritic problems, and their Great Kitchen Gadgets and Cooking Tools! We also have inventory from Frieling USA. This Company is well known for their Great Coffee and Tea items! Also we have Planetary Design that makes a wonderful line of French Press Carafes and Mugs and Colorful Travel Mugs! Please check out our Top Quality Kaiser Bakeware from WMF Americas! We also have Lots of New and Exciting Cookware and Cooking Tools from WMF Americas. We Also have Great Silicone Items from Tovolo. You will find a lot of top of the line cookware, Flatware, Kitchen Tools, and many NEW Items that are Hot in the Market such as Angry Mama and Butter Bay Butter Keepers!
    We will be continuing to add products For Your Castle so Please be sure to keep checking Back for Lots of Great items and What's New in the Marketplace!

    Great customer service is our top priority! We will always do our very best to take care of our customers. Our store is quality and sought after products for your home! Your home is your castle and you and your family should be able to live like Kings and Queens without spending a fortune and that is what shopping on eBay is all about! We will be adding items as quickly as we can! Please feel free to email us at any time using the Ebay Contact Seller Link with any product suggestions you may have so we can find what you are looking for! We hope you enjoy your shopping experience with us and have fun checking out our Kitchen Essentials for your home!

    Marc and Judy

    Norpro is a leading supplier of distinctive kitchenware located in beautiful Pacific Northwest.

  • In 1973 CEO Gunnar Lie founded Norpro with a vision of designing, manufacturing, and supplying the highest caliber kitchenware backed by a commitment to exceed customer expectations. His daughter, Kirsten Miller, shares his enthusiasm and passion. She has been running Norpro for several years. As President, she continues to build and grow Norpro, based on the principles established by her father. Norpro is consistently at the forefront of product innovation. Traveling worldwide to study trends enables us to create cutting edge products and introduce our customers to the latest technologies and industry innovations. Our products reflect the utmost in quality and are manufactured with superior materials and craftsmanship. Norpro is a solid company filled with energetic, passionate people who are eager to meet your needs and serve you well. Everything we do is about offering our customers quality products, quality service, and a quality experience. As always, we continue to provide a secure and positive environment where each member of our team is a valued and appreciated resource. For forty years, you have depended on Norpro to be accountable and dedicated to meeting your needs. We look forward to a future of continued success with you, our valued customer.

  • The Frieling Feeling™

  • Here at Frieling, we seem to do a few things differently than other companies (for the better, we think). That’s in fact how the Frieling Feeling™ was coined – a befitting expression that suddenly appeared. Is it contagious? You bet! Is that bad? We don’t think so, because so many of our customer friends have been with us since the beginning and … come back for more of that Frieling Feeling™.

  • Our Mission

  • Our mission is simple: We are seeking fresh solutions™  for our customers. That’s because nobody wants to be sold yet another product; there are plenty already.  Our daily goal therefore is to offer a solution to a problem – a fresh solution™.


  • Takeya USA, a subsidiary of Takeya Japan has been designing, manufactoring, and marketing innovative food and beverage containers for the past 50 years. Takeya USA is commited to bringing Takaya's manufactoring expertise to the North American market by enriching people's lives using modern design, a rich palette of colors, food-safe materials, unique functionality and high quality craftsmanship. We provide real solutions that save the consumer money, are eco- friendly and promote a healthy lifestyle. Throughout our entire product line, you will find Japenese inspired designs and innovative features, such as our twist top airtight pouring lids and our crystal clear BPA free ACRAGLASS.


  • Have you ever spent eight hours staring at a Spatula? We have. To you, its only a spatula- to us its a challenge! We spend hours thinking about the development of every product so you need never to think about them at all. Tovolo acessories and tools combine innovative design with intelligent application for tools that are easy to use and a pleasure to own. With Tovolo products, you'll spend less time worrying about the tools and have more time to enjoy the results.


  • On the retail side, WMF Americas, Inc. distributes a wide assortment of functional and design-oriented products in the field of cooking, dining and drinking for sophisticated customers. This includes cookware, kitchen utensils, mills, flatware, hollowware, stemware, bar and wine accessories. On the commercial side, WMF distributes tableware, flatware, cookware, glassware and commercial coffee machines found in the best restaurants, first-rate hotels, and quality conscious catering halls. WMF stands for high product quality and more than 150 years of experience. WMF is also home to the prestigious brands of Silit on the retail side, Hutschenreuther china for the hotel sides and Spiegelau glassware on both sides.

  • Design History 

  • In the first decades after the foundation in 1853 till the turn of the century, the product design of the WMF is dominated by the then customary historicising style, which takes up the shapes and patterns of former art-historical epochs. Traditional ornaments from the Renaissance, baroque or rococo are utilised by the WMF studio for the copious decoration of the tableware. As a result it is quite possible to find different stylistic periods on one article. The designers did not necessarily adhere slavishly to the style sheets. 

  • Historicism 1853 - 1890

  • That way splendid functional tableware was created and their prestigious effect did not fail to have an impact on the middle-class households of the 19th century. 

  • Art Nouveau 1890 - 1920

  • Towards the end of the century the permanent repetition of historicising forms and motifs had run dry. A new style, Art Nouveau (termed "Jugendstil" in Germany), asserted itself Europe-wide and heralded a new epoch of art history. 

  • The 1920s and the NKA

  • In the 1920s, a style, functional and reduced to particular basic shapes, asserts itself. From 1925 on the Art Nouveau articles start disappearing from the assortment.  The New Objectivity At the end of the 1920s, WMF had secured the exclusive rights of use for V2A-steel, developed by Krupp for household goods, renamed it "Cromargan" and had it registered as a trademark. 

  • The Modern Age

  • As from the middle of the 1980s several design workshops initiate an experimental phase which aims to integrate the various contemporary currents of product design into the WMF design concept. 


  • In 1919, Wilhelm Ferdinand Kaiser began production of a small line of traditional European bakeware items bearing the family name. Situated in a picturesque German village, the Kaiser Backform (Bakeware) factory has continued to produce its ever- expanding line of bakeware for three generations and has come to be respected as Europe's largest manufacturer of quality bakeware for the home baker.  In 1984 Kaiser developed and introduced the revolutionary La Forme line of bakeware and accessories. Initially received with skepticism by the competition as being too high- end for the home baker, the La Forme line soon won consumer appreciation and is now considered "state-of-the-art" bakeware.  Today, well into our ninth decade of producing quality bakeware, Kaiser boasts two production facilities in Germany, from which we supply bakeware for over thirty countries worldwide.  We at Kaiser are committed to creating bakeware with you, the home baker, in mind. The tools, appliances, and ingredients available to the home baker are taken into careful consideration in designing each piece of Kaiser bakeware, so that the home baker can enjoy professional baking results from the home kitchen.


  • Our Story: Breakfast sparks an idea Hi, I’m Jerry Scarrow, inventor of The Butter Bay. This is an invention born out of personal need. One morning in 2005, I was sitting over a perfect breakfast of bacon and eggs, frustrated with my inability to spread butter on my toast. The butter from the fridge was cold and hard, and I had to use little shavings just to spread it. The bell- shaped butter crock we owned was empty. It worked well enough, but it was always empty because it was a pain to load and made a huge mess. “If only the crock was the shape of the butter cube.” I thought. “Then you could take the butter right from the fridge, unwrap it, and put it directly in the holder. No struggling to reshape it, no big mess, and no trying to smear hard butter on my toast!” I couldn’t believe no one had thought of this simple concept. But I looked everywhere, and couldn’t find anything close. I knew I’d have to make it myself. Fast Forward to 2014, and we’ve created the Butter Bay! You can now have soft butter available 24/7, with no additives, and no refrigeration! Our butter crock is easy to load, effortless to use, and looks beautiful enough for your Thanksgiving Dinner. Special thanks to my wife, Erica, and my daughters, Sydney, Lily & Amelia, as well as Stephanie Inman (friend and ace graphic designer) for their help and support. Every component of Butter Bay production benefits American Workers- from design to manufacturing to packaging. By creating Butter Bay, we’ve lived the American Dream. We’ve taken an existing concept, made it better for our customers, and created American jobs, providing those involved an opportunity to make a fair and reasonable profit. What could be better than that? The Butter Bay is the result of a team effort. Dean Estes is responsible for the artistic inspiration of the design. Calvin at Boise State’s New Product Development Lab helped us refine our several prototypes, all developed using 3D printing. After much searching for the perfect manufacturer, we found Clyde Mclellan at American Mug and Stein in East Liverpool, Ohio. Clyde and his crew handcraft quality stoneware the old-fashioned way. Each Butter Bay is made using the slip-cast method, finished by hand, and kiln-fired in a factory that was built in the early 1900s. At Butter Bay, we believe that every product our company purchases should be made in the USA. Our packaging is printed locally as well, by PSI Packaging Services in Connellsville, Pennsylvania.


  • Küchenprofi- manufacturers of professional cooking tools & kitchen gadgets Founded in Germany in 1923, the extensive Kuchenprofi collection is manufactured to the highest quality… practical design for the preparation and storage of food. Stainless Steel Kitchen Tools, Cooking Gadgets, Coffee Mills, Cutting Boards, Food Prep, Funnels, Graters, Graters Slicers & Choppers, Ladles, Peelers, Pepper Mills, Porcelain, Salt Mills, Scissors, Scoops, Spatulas, Seafood Tools, Shears, Sieves, Tongs & Utensils


  • Zassenhaus PROFILE committed a traditional brand Enjoyment and quality of life are more than ever connected to the kitchen and cooking. The course includes a preparation with. Fragrant, hand ground coffee, fresh grains or spicy pepper awaken in us a sense of wellbeing and remember old traditions. In this context Zassenhaus stands with his coffee and spice mills have always been. Who knows Zassenhaus, knows that passion and craftsmanship are reflected in the products. Connoisseurs appreciate the beauty and ruggedness of Zassenhaus products, cooks the precision and aroma, which unfold spices and coffee, if they have been cooked with it. And aesthetes love the timeless elegance of the collections. Zassenhaus met since its founding in 1867 the highest standards in functionality and quality of products. The high-quality products are always adapted to their time. The autonomy of Zassenhausprodukte considered one of the success factors. In addition to the range, but also includes the high flexibility as one of the pillars of Zassenhaus.Without the traditional values ​​of this small company to leave, so can respond repeatedly to the changing market situations werden.Die origin of the company in Schwelm, but have shifted over the years to Solingen. The competitive products in terms of price and performance keep the company competitive. A dedicated team, with clear responsibilities and good know-how ensures customer satisfaction.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How much is shipping and handling?

  • Shipping and handling charges are very clearly specified on each and every auction page. We also show all insurance char ges and insurance is optional but recommended. This helps us in ensuring you that your transaction will be completed safely and securely. When calculating your shipping charges, be sure to include the insurance charges as shown if you are wanting insurance for your item. If you are purchasing more than one item please let us send you over an invoice with the correct shipping for combined items before you pay for the items.

  • I just won an auction and I need an invoice?

  • Our system will allow you to generate your own invoice. There is no need to wait for us and all one needs to do is use our checkout now button located on every auction page. For multiple item orders please allow us to send you over an invoice as we do combine shipping and only charge actual shipping. This will ensure you in receiving the correct amount for purchases and for shipping charges. If you are only purchasing one item ebay's checkout now button will also direct you to our checkout. Once in our checkout you can select the payment option and shipping option you desire. If you are paying with paypal, select paypal and it will re-direct you to the paypal site to pay.

  • I won several auctions and I need a Invoice?

  • Please allow us to send you an invoice with the correct shipping for your combined purchases as we only charge actual shipping for your items and the ebay checkout system sometimes adds too much shipping on for combined items.

  • I want to pay with Paypal, what is your Paypal email address?

  • We have only one way for buyers to pay with paypal, and that is the buyer must go through our checkout system using the checkout now link located on every auction page. Then select paypal as your payment option and it will redirect you to the paypal site to pay. We also accept Credit Cards with our merchant card service for your purchases if needed.

  • I have not received my item, when did it ship?

  • We always ship items the same business day if purchased by 12:00PM Pacific Time. Our business days are Monday through Saturday excluding holidays and Sundays. We send out shipping notices for every order shipped, so if you have not heard from us this means you have a different email address registered on ebay then you are currently using or the email went to your spam/junk mail folder.

  • Will you ship to an alternate address then I have listed with ebay?

  • Yes in most cases we will ship to an alternate address you have registered on ebay or paypal. We pick up all shipping information from what the customer inputs into our checkout system. However we reserve the right to only ship to paypal confirmed addresses as we see fit but there are instances that we do make exceptions so please email us if there are special requests.

  • I made a mistake on where I want my item shipped?

  • We have to ship items where buyer has indicated in our checkout system. Our system is totally automated where as soon as buyer pays a shipping ticket prints with postage, order #, sku name etc. Our system obviously assumes buyer provides us with a correct address. If you have made a mistake on your address please email right away so we can assist you to get it corrected before it ships out.

  • My invoice amount for shipping does not match the amount listed on auction page?

  • Shipping and handling charges are very clearly specified on each and every auction page. We also show all insurance charges and insurance is optional but recommended. This helps us in ensuring you that your transaction will be completed safely and securely. When calculating your shipping charges, be sure to include the insurance charges as shown if needed. As we do provide combined order shipping we will send you over an invoice with the combined shipping amount as the shipping will be less for combined orders.

  • What is your return policy?

  • Our return policy is a refund of the item amount up to 30 days after you have received your item if the item is defective and is returned. For all other reasons for returning please email us through the eBay Message System and we will work out the details! We will work with you on resolving ANY problems you may have. In most instances we can work through most problems through emails through the eBay message System. We strive for Great Customer Service!

  • FYI -Here are the Details of the New Return Process through eBay Below. We will assist you to that process if needed.

     How to return an item.

    1. To start a return, find the item in the purchase history section of My eBay. Select Return this item.

    2. Select the reason for the return. You'll see your anticipated refund amount.

    3. The seller is notified of your return request and will send you a return shipping label if they are

      paying for the return. If you are responsible for shipping costs, be sure to either use an eBay label

      with automatic tracking for you and the seller, or send the seller your carrier’s tracking information to

      protect you in case of an issue with delivery.

    4. Next, pack the item carefully. Include the packing slip, affix the shipping label, and send the item

      back to the seller within five business days of starting the return in My eBay. You can drop the

      package off at the post office or hand it to US Postal Person..

    5. Tracking your return package:

      1.  If the seller is paying for return shipping and the return is being handled through the standard returns

        process on eBay, you’ll automatically receive tracking information. If it’s not handled through eBay,

        or if you are responsible for return shipping, you need to send tracking information to the seller to

        protect yourself if there’s an issue with shipping/delivery. If you have an international return, you

        should communicate directly with the seller about return shipping and tracking.

      2.  Once you've shipped your package back to the seller, you can track the status of the returned item in

        the Purchase History section of My eBay when it's being handled through the regular eBay returns

        process. The seller should issue your refund within six business days after the return item shows

        "delivered" in the tracking info. If you've not received your refund after 6 business days, send the

        seller a message to discuss.

     Who pays for return shipping?

    It depends on the reason for the return and the seller's return policy. In most cases, sellers designate

    that the buyer will pay for return shipping and any restocking fees if specified in their return policy.

    Some sellers offer free return shipping. If the item is damaged or not as described, sellers must

    cover return shipping costs. When you're responsible for return shipping charges, we'll charge your

    PayPal account if the item is shipped with an eBay label. For more details, click here.

    I would like feedback for my transactions:

    Our policy is to always leave feedback for any transaction made with us and we

    would hope that you will do the same for us. Our customers and our business

    relies on the feedbacks we give and also the ones received. If you are having

    problems with your purchase please email us through the eBay message Center

    with your concerns so we can assist you. We are here to help our customers

    with any questions or issues they may have.