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 We sell surplus components in small lots & sealed factory units at blowout prices. We try to provide photos, datasheets & some technical review whenever possible. Our advice: Resist the urge to stockpile. Buy what you need today. Build your prototype first. There's (almost) always another deal.
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Combined shipment

Combined shipment is available for most items. You must make a single payment. Use the eBay 'cart' when available.

Default shipping is calculated as:
actual carrier rate (based on weight)
+ $2.00 per order
+ $0.20 per different item (quantity doesn't matter)

USA buyers pay $5 shipping for any combination of items with ‡ in the title.

USA buyers pay $5 ~ $10 shipping for any combination of items with ‡ or † in the title.

Orders to Alaska, Hawaii or US territories must fit in a single USPS flat-rate box in order to qualify for promotional shipping.

International buyers pay $10 ~ $12 shipping for any combination of items with ‡ in the title.

Items with § in the title include shipping to the 50 US states, Puerto Rico, Guam or US Virgin Islands.

To avoid surprises, we recommend previewing your purchases using instead of .

Be aware that 'Request total from seller' will commit all the items in your cart just as if you'd used Buy-It-Now. If you have questions about shipping, eBay messaging is a better option.

We've done our best to enable automatic combined shipping, but eBay makes it very difficult. If you understand the problems, you'll be able to work with us to minimize your shipping cost.

First, eBay makes us enter weights in whole ounces. Since many of the items we sell weigh a fraction of an ounce, we'd be forced to round up to the next whole ounce. While this might be OK for domestic buyers, it's totally unrealistic for international shipments. We believe the best solution is to choose our lot sizes so that they correspond to whole-ounce increments.

There are some higher-priced items where a whole ounce would be more than most people want to buy. In this case, we charge the minimum postage & absorb the rest. These items are marked with ‡ at the end of the title.

Second, eBay often displays ridiculously-high per-item shipping charges which are simply the quantity-1 shipping × quantity purchased. Ignore all the inflated per-item shipping charges to the right of each item in checkout. All you care about is the final shipping number shown at the upper right in checkout.

USA buyers should check the final First Class & Priority Mail rates before assuming the $10 'promotional' rate is the best deal. In order for items to combine, they must have identical shipping services.

I can't think of any time in our history where we have not honored eBay's calculated shipping cost. We will not ask you for more shipping later. However, we do routinely refund excess shipping at our discretion. The problem with shipping refunds is that we lose 10% in eBay fees. It's better to get it right before payment.

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