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Why Should I Buy Toner Refill Kits?
Why Should I Buy Toner Refill Kids?

• Because they work!

• Because it saves money!

• Because it helps the environment!

If you've questioned if a refill kit really works, you're not alone. The answer is, yes, they really do. We've tested toners extensively to match the best one that will maximize the performance of your specific cartridge in your printer. The toners we use are specially formulated for use in your cartridge, so don't be confused by others who sell "universal" toner. We've developed procedures and easy-to-understand instructions and photographs that will help you quickly and easily refill your toner cartridge. Click here to see for yourself how pleased our customers are with our instructions, our products, and with the cost savings.

Everyone wants to save money, but in these tough times, it's especially important--and refill kits are unquestionably the best way to save on printing costs. Offered at a fraction of the price of an OEM (original manufacturer equipment), you can save up to 90% of the cost of a new cartridge! If your cartridge was performing satisfactorily before it ran out of toner, it can be refilled. The process usually only takes a few minutes, depending on the specific cartridge, and our customers constantly thank us for helping them add to their bottom line.

Refilling a cartridge can your own personal green solution to the waste management pressures facing the world. It's said that six cartridges are thrown away every second, adding up to 3 pounds each of solid plastic waste to the earth's landfills that can take up to 1,000 years to decompose. It's staggering to think that if the world's cartridges were laid side by side, they would encircle the earth three times. It's even more troubling to realize that it takes 2 pints of oil to create a new cartridge while most of these cartridges can be refilled! Refilling a cartridge contributes to the worldwide imperative to recycle, reduce and reuse by helping reduce the carbon footprint, conserve natural resources, conserve energy and reducing water pollution, air pollution and greenhouse gases. Refilling a cartridge can provide both individuals and businesses the opportunity to reduce the waste they generate and be environmentally responsible.