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Designer Discount Center - A large selection of items from well known moderate brands, to exclusive boutique brands, to high end world renowned brands!

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Designer Discount Center - A large selection of items from well known moderate brands, to exclusive boutique brands, to high end world renowned brands!




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What is your return policy?
Due to the nature of our business all sales are final.  The exception to this rule applies when an item has been misrepresented within the auction. For example:  measurements were incorrect by more than ¾" ; size was labeled incorrectly; wrong item sent; severe flaw with item (major rip, tear, stain or other); etc.  Returns will not be accepted for items that do not fit as desired or are in a color an undesired color.  Please review the FULL item description before bidding to ensure the purchase you are about to make is one you can be pleased with.  Be sure to ask any questions before the auction end.

When are new items listed?
New items are listed 3-5 days a week. We also accept "Wish Lists" for items you would like to see in the future or special items you are looking for.  You can complete the wish list by completing a survey at:

Are the items listed Authentic?
Yes.  We Do Not and Will Not list inauthentic items or fakes. There is no exception to this rule and we back all of our items with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.  If you feel you have receive an item that is not authentic please contact us Immediately!  We only conduct business with reliable and reputable suppliers, individuals who put their reputation on the line to Guarantee Authenticity as we do. We only purchase items which we can verify to the best of our ability to be authentic.  Therefore, if you believe your item not to be Authentic
please provide  us proof in writing from a major retailer or the actual designer store with the name of the store manager or higher in charge. We will Not accept a salesperson's claim in regards to authenticity as most Sales Staff are not qualified to make accurate decisions in regards to authenticity. We will issue a full refund once we receive the above information. You will have 3 days from receipt of item to make the claim and 5-days after the information is acquired and submitted to return the item for a full refund. Otherwise, ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

How do you list your prices so low?
We work with several boutiques, wholesalers, retailers along the east coast to get items at a low price.  These items are usually a season or more behind and are therefore offered to us at a discount.  Since we save money by buying items in large quantities, we are able to pass along the savings to our customers.

Are you a Trading Assistant?
Yes we are.  We accept items on consignment once a pre-qualification process is completed.  The process is simple and the proper documentation will need to be filled out.  We only consign High End items in great to excellent condition.  For more information please email Kay at

What is a Trading Assistant?
A Trading Assistant is a person or organization that will sell your items on your behalf. You will share a percentage of the sale with the assistant to act as compensation.  This percentage usually ranges from 25%-60%.  You act as the consignor and are paid only when the item sells.

What shipping methods do you use?
We use FedEx, USPS and Airborne.  We will determine what delivery method will be used based on available information, size and weight of shipment and the cost of shipping specified.

I paid for insurance, why don’t I see it listed on my package?
We use various ways to ensure items.  The most common use is provided with our shipping software and will not be disclosed on the front of your package.  This is for your protection so that the package will not be targeted for theft because it is assumed to be valuable.

I am an international buyer and the shipping amount quoted is different from the amount charged as postage.  Why?
International shipping requires more hands on service on our part and we incur more costs to make sure the item is handled appropriately and in a timely manner.  We therefore charge a small handling fee on all International shipments. In addition, all international packages are insured separately and that cost is calculated in the shipping quote.

Why have I not received positive feedback yet?
eBay is a unique market and feedback is the backbone of it.  Our reputation as Sellers are out in the open for everyone to see.  We think that is great and that is why we take feedback very seriously.  With the high volume of sales we complete each week, it can be challenging to keep track of every shipped item.  Therefore, we rely on the feedback of our customers to let us know that the transaction has been completed to your satisfaction. That is when we consider the transaction to be complete and will promptly leave feedback once it is received.

How do I apply the Free Shipping Coupon?
The coupon can be applied during checkout by eliminating the shipping price inserted.  Or, you can send us an email request and we will apply the discount and correct the invoice for you. *Free Shipping coupon does Not apply to Wholesale Lots, International, or Balenciaga bag purchases unless stated otherwise by an authorized representative of Designer Discount Center*

Does DDC have a Lay-a-way Plan?
Yes. You must meet the qualifications below:

  1. You must have at least 10 Positive feedback
  2. You must not have any negative feedback indicating Fraud or Non-Payment
  3. You must pay via Paypal using a confirmed address or Money Order
  4. The total without shipping must be over $200.
  5. You must be a US Resident
  6. Please contact DDC for further details Only If you meet the above pre-qualifications


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