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 We carry various metaphyscial items, Crystal Points and Spheres, Healing tools and various decorative specimens. From large Cathedrals to small crystal points. All of our products are hand picked for the highest quality Because we are direct importers we are able to pass along low prices to you.
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Lemurian Seed Crystals

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Lemurian Seed

The Master Crystal

These Crystals are very powerful Metaphysical tools!!

 The Lemurian Seed Crystals were mined in Brazil. They were actually found at the top of a hill that was being strip mined for Quartz. They were found in sand and not in clusters like other Quartz. It is believed that these crystals were left behind by the Lemurian race, and programed with ancient knowledge, to be passed on to other crystals.

                                                           The Lemurians were a civilization who inhabited earth previous to the Atlanteans. They were known for thier highly evolved healing and there creative use of crystals. It is said that there knowledge of crysytals was passed on to Atlantis. Prior to the fall of Atlantis, both the Lemurians and the Atlanteans sent thier sacred crystals to different parts of the world, so that they could seed the growth of other crystals, and that they could be uncovered, and used in the future, for thier magnificent powers. There are striations on the sides of the crystal that have be embossed, or programed with the acient knowledge, and wisdom of the ages. When working with a Lemurian Seed crystal, they have a tendency to become activated , by turning a light pink color.

                                                           The objective of working with the Lemurian Seed Crystal is to pocess and spread Love & Light, Oneness of being, and to project Unity for all mankind.