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NOTICE: This eBay store is currently closed due to personal illness of the seller.

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Welcome to Charisma's Clearance!

Since beauty comes from within, it is no surprise that Charisma's consulting services include recommendations from a ND who focuses first on natural health and wellness. Having researched the best of the best, Charisma recommends only safe and natural holistic products which have been proven to be effective.  So you will be delighted to find OUTSTANDING age-defying health and beauty products... all listed here at a discount! 

Charisma has also coached many winning  pageant contestants.   So be sure to check out Charisma's 7.5 hr video set, covering every aspect of pageant preparation. 

However, Charisma has a wide selection of  ladies' apparel,  focusing mainly upon formal wear.  So whatever the occasion, if you want the VERY best for less, then check out the top designer gowns now listed in Charisma's  Clearance eBay store!

All our gowns are stored in individual plastic bags to avoid damage.  Unless stated otherwise in the listing, our beaded gowns do NOT have any missing beads!

Over the years, numerous pageant winners have been among our satisfied customers. If you are an extra tall contestant, you'll be pleased to find stunning competition evening gowns with extra length right here, eliminating the need to do a special factory order!

We also have beaded cocktail dresses, which are perfect for special appearances of title-holders, as well as fancy suits for pageant interviews. Be sure to check out the formal  jumpsuits and gowns with flowing chiffon skirts, which are great for talent presentations! To view styles suitable for ballroom dancing, just do a keyword search on "ball" or "salsa".   

Totally unique styles are also available, so if you want to be sure no one else will be wearing the same gown as you, then do a store search with the keyword "unique".  If this word appears in the title of a Charisma listing, it means that only one gown of that kind was ever made.  So you can be sure there is no other gown like it in the ENTIRE WORLD!

Although upscale items cost more to begin with, all gowns are reduced by at least 50% when listed on eBay for clearance. Many have been reduced to 75% below retail.   On top of that,  WE  ALSO  ACCEPT  BEST OFFERS! But if you see something you can't quite afford, don't be afraid to make an offer for a lesser amount.

We also include size indicators like XS, S, M, L, or XL, at the end of each title line.  So if you want to see everything in a given size, just do a keyword search on one of those indicators. (You may wish to add additional search parameters, such as color.) But don't forget to check your own measurements against the measurements provided in the listing, since there really is no standardization in sizing charts used by manufacturers of formalwear.

Or simply click on one of the store categories appearing on the left side of this page, and enjoy browsing!

Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy!


Special Offers:

Most store listings include the option to make a special offer, even if the buy-it-now price already represents 75% off the ticketed retail. Please understand that an offer is more likely to be accepted if it is close to the asking price.


Although we have accepted other forms of payment in the past, we now accept only PayPal, and ship only to addresses confirmed by PayPal.

Packing, Shipping & Insurance:

We are set up to ship only to USA addresses, which have been CONFIRMED by PayPal. 

Before we pack an item, we throughly check it to be sure it is in good condition (or in the condition described in the listing if it is described as a used or defective item).  If we discover a problem, we will notify you and ask whether you still want it.  If not, we will cancel the order and issue a complete refund instead of shipping the item. 

We pack items very well, as you can verify by the feedback we have received on our packing. But we cannot be responsible for anything that occurs once an item leaves our store! 

We charge actual shipping, although it may appear that our cost to ship a dress is higher than expected. Here's why:  

Beaded gowns weigh 3 lbs. and up, so the shipping weight is far above that of non-beaded dresses. This means that the base shipping rate is more.  In addition, they must be insured for a much higher price (often hundreds of dollars). There is also the cost to collect signature upon delivery.

If it turns out that actual shipping exceeds what you paid, you will be billed for the difference and the box with label affixed will not be mailed until we receive payment for the difference we already paid to generate the shipping label from

International Shipping:

The only way we can do international shipping is by using eBay's Global Shipping Program. In that case, they will automatically take over the entire billing, shipping and returns process. 

With the global shipping program, sellers are not even allowed to generate the invoice, so we certainly cannot modify it. They compute and include the customs charges which appear on the invoice you receive.  So if you have any special requests in that regard, you must deal with them directly since we do not get involved in that process.

Insurance and Delivery

We highly recommend that buyers purchase shipping insurance.  Once an item is shipped, we notify you of the tracking number so that you can assume full responsibility  in regards to the whereabouts of your item.  If you do not receive the item in a timely manner, it is your responsibility to track it down on shipper's website. 

If your item arrives damaged, it is your responsibility to file an insurance claim.  If you did not insure it, then it is for you to bear the consequences of the mistake you made in choosing not to. We do not give refunds for mistakes that we did not make! 

Because PayPal requires signature of the recipient as part of it's process to protect the seller, we may require buyers to sign upon receipt if the item costs $10 or more. If you are not usually at home during the day, please let us know that you need it shipped to your place of employment instead. If you neglect to do this, it is your responsibility to make arrangements to pick up your package at the Post Office.

Returns & Refunds:

If you return an item, you will be charged a restocking fee of 10% of the purchase price. We do not refund shipping charges.

Because of health regulations, certain items can never be accepted back once they have been opened. This includes supplements, jars of creme, cosmetics, etc. That's why it is buyer's responsibility to check the ingredients of all such items, to be sure they will not have an allergic reaction, before ordering the product (and again before opening it upon receipt).

All items must be returned in their original box, packed in the same way they were shipped out.  Full credit will NOT be issued back on items received back in a damaged or used condition.  

Additional deductions will be made to cover our cost to press and restore to a saleable condition any garments which have been stuffed into a smaller box, or crammed into a plastic shipping bag to economize on buyer's cost for return shipping.   

Some unfortunate situations in the past have made it necessary for us to add additional restrictions on certain types of garments:

Velvet garments have in the past been returned wrinkled, in spite of the care we took to be sure customer received it in perfect condition.   Unfortunately deep creases in velvets are NOT repairable, which means they become unsaleable.  For this reason, we no longer allow returns if the fabric is velvet.

In the case of formalwear, customers have previously used Charisma as a free gown rental service.  After claiming it didn't fit right, they would get a complete refund. Later we discovered spilled drinks in between the beading, underarm discoloration, and  other signs of prolonged wear.

But even if they returned it in good condition, wearing a gown just one time in a pageant, to a wedding, or other formal event does not make it right!!! 

Since we are tired of being taken unfair advantage of,  formalwear of any kind will not be accepted back unless postmarked and shipped the day after it was delivered.