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 Carl's Place is the Internet's Leading DIY Resource for Quality Projector Screen Material, Projection Screens and Movie Screen Kits at a Great Low Price!
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  • Key Decision Factors
Shipping & Returns
Shipping Options and Pricing can be found on the "Shipping and Payments" tab on each individual product page. Simply enter the Quantity, select the Country and click the "Get Rates" button to see all options. * International customers will find additional shipping information on the "Shipping and Payments" tab as well. * Our Return Policy is also located on the "Shipping and Payments" tab.

Key Deciding Factors

Material Viewing
Outdoor Use
Ambient Light Rejecting Dark - High Ambient Light (Most Versatile for Lighting Conditions) High Performance in Dark to Brightly Lit Indoor Environments, Rich Contrast, Detail & Color, Capable of HD & 4K, Active and Passive 3D, Bright Projector Preferred Tension-Mount/Stretch Not Recommended
Blackout Cloth Dark Environment Budget-Conscience, Entry Level Tension-Mount/Stretch Ok
FlexiGray Low Light Capable of HD,
Bright Projector Preferred
Tension-Mount/Stretch Yes! Mildew Resistant
FlexiWhite Dark Environment Capable of HD & Active 3D Tension-Mount/Stretch Yes! Mildew Resistant
ProGray Low Light Upgrade over Blackout Cloth, Bright Projector Preferred Wall Mount or Roll Down,
Not Recommended
ProWhite Dark Environment Brighter, Clearer Image over Blackout Cloth Wall Mount or Roll Down,
Not Recommended
Gray Rear Proj. Film Dark - Low Light Rear Projection, Narrow Viewing Angle, Bright Projector Preferred Tension-Mount/Stretch Yes! Mildew Resistant
White Rear Proj. Film Dark Environment Rear OR Front Projection, Wider Viewing Angle Tension-Mount/Stretch Yes! Mildew Resistant
SheerWeave Dark Environment Acoustically Transparent Non-Tensioned Not Recommended
SilverScreen Dark - Low Light (2) Passive 3D Projectors Tension-Mount/Stretch Ok
Golf Impact Screen Dark Environment for Standard Projection Impact Resistant Up-To 250 MPH with Real Golf Balls Hang Loosely * Yes
Premium HD Impact Material Dark Environment for High-Definition Impact Resistant Up-To 250 MPH with Real Golf Balls Hang Loosely * Not Recommended

Quick Reference

1.  Lighting Considerations

  • Ambient light is any light that exists in your viewing environment. It may be indoor lighting or street lights, etc. If you have a dark room where the lights can be turned off we call this controlled light versus dealing with a street lamp, for example, which you may not have control over. An example of a dark viewing environment is a movie theater, low light might be a small light coming from the next room and high ambient light would be a light on in the same room as your screen.
  • Unfortunately, none of our materials are meant for full sunlight.
  • Generally speaking, the darker you can get your viewing environment the better the results. We recommend using white projector screen materials for dark environments & gray projector screen materials for environments with low ambient light concerns. You will not need gray if you have a dark viewing environment. Gray only provides additional contrast if you have ambient light concerns.
  • If wish to begin the movie at dusk/sunset and your only ambient light concern is 20 minutes of viewing time at dusk, go with white. If you will experience ambient light throughout the entire movie, even after the sun goes down, go with gray.
  • Always choose the material that will be best for the majority of your viewing.

2.  Screen Mounting

  • When a screen is stretched (or bungeed) evenly all the way around the screen we call this tensioned (tight like a drum or trampoline). Tensioning provides a flat screen for even light distribution and reduces image waving on the surface. Securing tension-mounted fabrics at the top and bottom, just the sides or only in the corners will not provide a flat surface for even light distribution.
  • ProGray, ProWhite and SheerWeave cannot be stretched and work best when simply held flat. ProGray and ProWhite are usually stapled directly onto the wall. Do not fold or wrap these stiff screen materials. These materials also work well rolled. These products are available in raw material only.
  • Do not fold Ambient Light Rejecting (ALR) or Premium HD Impact Materials fold marks will be difficult to remove.
  • Most of the information on this website is regarding our movie screens. However, our new Golf Impact Screens must be hung loosely and anchored on all four sides. To limit the risk of a ball bouncing back at you do NOT tension-mount an impact screen. Please make sure to take proper safety precautions. Carl's Place is not responsible for damage to property &/or personal injury. *

3.  HD Screen Materials

  • All of our projector screen materials are compatible for HD projection, though your projector, of course, will need to be capable of projecting a native HD resolution. That said, because Ambient Light Rejection, FlexiWhite and FlexiGray have essentially zero texture, they can provide the sharpest possible picture for your high-definition and 4K projected images.

4.  3D Screen Materials

  • There are two types of 3D; Active 3D (most common) and Passive 3D (2 projectors).
  • Ambient Light Rejecting material is a specialized product for everyday usage, HD & 4K in a brightly lit environment. It also works for both active 3D and with (2) passive¬†3D projectors when ambient light is controlled.
  • FlexiWhite works great for everyday usage, HD &/or Active 3D in a dark viewing environment.
  • SilverScreen is a specialized product for passive 3D movie viewing and is the best solution for the purpose of passive 3D. It is highly reflective and not necessarily meant for everyday usage - although we have had some people use it that way - it is not our recommendation. Everyday, Non-passive 3D SilverScreen users may experience hotspots when paired with a bright projector.
  • Our other materials are not recommended for 3D usage.

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