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Who Are We?

Crown Jewel Inc. is based in India and currently business in Mumbai which is a developed place with economy and Trade. We are a professional export trade and retail company. There are about 150 kinds of products in our company of which all exclusive products are put up on our eBay store for our International Buyers'.

Crown Jewel is a trading name, and an official operation for Crown Jewel Inc.

The Crown Jewel operation is fully owned and managed, but as the shopping experience and product availability is very different from our stores, we trade under the Crown Jewel Brand on eBay in order to minimize confusion.

What Do We Sell?

We sell a variety range of current Jewelry products and products that are popularly featured in our Crown Jewel Trading Catalogue. We sell distinct category of goods

New Products:

This is all BRAND NEW stock as avilable on our Store. New products are complete with all accessories as stated in our description and without any defects, in original packaging, and all supported by the After Sales Service and eBay's Buyer Protection Policy. Please note, prior to products dispatch from our warehouse, all our products are sent through stringent Quality Checks and Inspection to make sure that you get your item as it was shown in the picture.