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 Welcome. We offer Sweet Sunnah Organic Black Seed Herbals & Colon Cleanse Products. Sweet Sunnah Natural Shea Butter products for skin & hair. Wind Chimes & Fuzzy Footies from Red Carpet Studios. Melissa & Doug Toys & Plush Animals. Mountain T-shirts & Barack Obama Pin Back Campaign Buttons.

     Give Yourself the Gift of Health!!! Please check out our all natural Health and Nutrition products by Sweet Sunnah.  Black Seed an Herbal Aid for Immune System Support, Cancer, Eczema, & Upper Respiratory Conditions.  Published Scientific Reports confirm that Black Seed has an astounding array of health benefits.  As long as you can open your mouth there's still hope!!!                                         


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All items ordered after Dec. 18th I can not garentee they will get there before Xmas.

This 16 oz./500ml size will last aproximately 4 months if taking 2 tablespoons per day

Action and Function of Black Seed Oil Capsules

Black Seed (Nigella sativa) is one the most revered medicinal seeds in history.

Although the recommendation to use black seed was made over 1400 years ago by Prophet Muhammad (salalahu alayhi wa salaam) and mentioned in the Bible [written refferance to Black Seed is found in the book of Isaiah in the Old Testament. Isaiah contrasts the reaping of black cumin with wheat: For the black cumin is not threshed with a threshing sledge, nor is a cart wheel rolled over the cumin, but the black cumin is beaten out with a stick, and the cumin with a rod. (Isaiah 28:25,27 NKJV). Easton's Bible Dictionary clarifies that the Hebrew word for black cumin, "ketsah," refers to "without doubt the Nigella sativa, a small annual of the order Ranunculaceae which grows wild in the Mediterranean countries] they were not carefully researched until about forty years ago. Since that time, more than 200 studies have been conducted in universities all over the world. One such study conducted at the Munich Institute for Research on Newer Therapeutic Methods [Münchner Institut zur Erforschung neuer Therapieverfahren] has confirmed by means of the most modern analytic methods that black seed oil contains over 100 active health-promoting substances and displays superior clinical effectiveness as a nutritional supplement.

Honey Booster

Your Immune System

A weakened immune system leaves the body vulnerable to virtually every type of illness and disease, especially when the seasonal shift from the late summer to autumn is marked by the arrival of a new generation of viruses causing coughs and colds.

Although the immune system can recognise viral strains it has encountered and beaten off before, it will not recognise a virus that has mutated. Even the smallest genetic change will trick it into thinking a brand new species, for which it has no antibodies, has landed - and while a strong immune system will cope with this attack, one that has been weakened by poor nutrition and too much stress will struggle to get you back to good health.

      This Kit is enough for 30 days and comes with step by step instructions.

   You should do the tea a least every three months.

Action and Function of Colon Relief Kit

Our Colon Relief Intestinal Cleanser keeps the digestive tract from getting clogged up with mucus, toxins and metabolic waste. It helps keep the colon clean and waste matter moving freely and efficiently. Fiber also feeds and maintains a healthy intestinal flora.The main ingredient in the Colon Relief Intestinal Cleanser is psyllium. Psyllium is a natural bulking agent, which yields 60 to 70 percent soluble fiber - eight times that of oat bran. Psyllium helps to absorb toxins in the colon by creating a spongy, gelatinous mass in the bowels. By swelling and absorbing fluids, it breaks down and moves toxic waste matter stuck in the folds and crevices of the colon. A clean colon inhibits harmful bacteria and parasites from surviving on human waste. Besides psyllium, the Colon Relief fiber contains 14 other essential herbs, all of which play an important role in colon cleansing. To read more click on the item.