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BadlanzHPE Exhaust Cutouts
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    Our Story
  • In 2002 a friend of mine purchased a cutout from a competitor and showed me how it worked.

    I thought it was pretty cool, so I designed my own, and installed two of tMachining Partshem Spring 2003 on my '79 Chevrolet Monte Carlo.

    The difference is the opening for a 3-inch pipe can only achieve a 2 5/8 inch butterfly.

  • When you buy a cutout via the Internet, all that is taking place is bleed-off from the normal exhaust system.

    Only about half of the exhaust air is blowing out the cutout, where the rest goes out the back.

    I wanted to achieve full exhaust airflow out the side or out the rear. Plus with a cutout under the vehicle, it creates extreme vibration, if not piped out the

  • side of the car. My Monte Carlo actually ran worse when the side pipes were open and rear pipes closed, and vice versa.

    I could only achieve good engine power when both rear and side pipes were half-open.

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