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·   2-year factory warranty.

·   Designed, Manufactured in the USA.

·   Solid state, noise free, no moving parts like the old motor driven ones.

·   Fully enclosed for protection against the elements.

·   This new circuit uses only about ¼ the current than the originals.

·   All circuitry is permanently lead free soldered for reliability. No sockets or plug in’s.

·   Built with state of the art Mosfet power transistors with clamping protection.

·   Dead short safety protection. Units shut off if outputs are shorted.

·   Heavy-duty circuit protection to protect its own internal circuits for reliability.

·   Consistently updated to keep current on the latest available electronic parts.

·   Designed and kept updated by an experienced Electronic Engineer.

·   Proven Design. Thousands in operation.

·   The 69 and up sequencers come with 8 Amp 200 Volt rated transistors as apposed to the original 3 amp 50 volt, making them 4 times more reliable than ford originals.


Easy Application

·   Easily installed. Mounts in original position.

·   No modifications necessary. Plug and play ready.

·   Combined systems available to replace many individual parts in one unit.

·   Connectors and Wires are color-coded and are exact duplicate of original parts.

·   Comes with Easy to read instructions and troubleshooting guides.

Welcome to the Sequential Turn Signal Store

Replace that failure-prone mechanical turn signal sequencer with a trouble-free silent electronic plug and play unit!

C3-ORIG C1-T4-ORIG<-Old  New -> C3 C1

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Welcome to my store and thank you for shopping with us. We are dedicated to helping you find the right part for you car. If there are any questions feel free to contact me.

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25 years of service / Thousands sold to satisfied customers



Double your warranty FOR FREE!  2 year factory warranty + 2 year extended warranty from us = 4 year warranty only when you buy from us.


ßFREE Troubleshooting Guides 



 Why buy one of our after market parts?


The manufacturer, Cougars Unlimited, is the highest in quality and is the industry leader when it comes to reliability , application and experience. They are the original manufacturer of aftermarket sequencers. If you are going to use your car on a regular basis or you just can’t find a usable original part then this is the way to go. If you are lucky enough to have a good working original then you might want to keep it that way by trading it out for one of our after market units. They are easily changed out. This way you can save wear and tear on your original part and use it only when you either want to sell or show your car in competition. These replacement systems are better than the fords original! You will find that Cougars Unlimited parts have more features than their competitors. The president and owner of Cougars Unlimited is the current president of the Cougars club of NM and is dedicated to keeping Cougars and Thunderbirds sequencing forever. Beware of inferior imitations with dangerous open circuitry!



Over 30 years experience. Every aspect of fords turn signal systems have been researched. All parts have been thoroughly tested in original field applications. We are dedicated to getting you the correct part for your car. Ford made 5 different sequencers, 4 different directional relays and changed their system completely 3 different times in the 8 years they offered sequencing. Cougars Unlimited knows exactly when ford changed them and what they did so we know which part is the correct one for you. Beware of our competitors who claim to have one unit for all applications. See our helpful hints in each section. Also see our free online troubleshooting guides. Insist on only the best!


About the manufacturer

Vic Yarberry became a Cougar enthusiast around 1970. His interests soon focused on the sequential turn signal systems when he was restoring one of his many mid 60’s cougars. The problem was getting turn signal parts. The only ones available were the original ford parts that were prone to failure and wore out quickly. Over the years these parts have become hard to find. Vic, being an electronic engineer, decided to make his own replacement parts. He researched the system and quickly came up with a solution. He did away with the noisy motor and designed a system that did the sequencing electronically: A much more reliable system. Vic also became the president of the local New Mexico Cougar Club. When word got out that he had come up with replacement parts for turn signals he was bombarded with requests to make them available. He soon discovered all the problems and changes that Ford made over the years and put all this information together so he could build the correct version for each year and model. Thus started “Cougars Unlimited”.


Cougars Unlimited is now a manufacturer located in Albuquerque New Mexico. They build exclusively Sequential Turn signal systems for mid to late 60’s Cougar, Thunderbirds and Mustangs. They now have a line of 32 different items to choose from. The only thing you need to know is the date of manufacture of your car. The individual parts are available for the sequential flasher, directional relay and the emergency and stop lamp relays but Cougars Unlimited recommends their latest kits now available that combine all four of these parts into one unit. All kits are made for easy installation with matching connectors and color codes.