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Authentic Ancient Greek Roman Coins

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Roman Coin Collecting Guide
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CHRISTIAN Symbols on Ancient Coins
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JESUS CHRIST Portrait Ancient Coins
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Greek Roman Gods Goddesses on Coins
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The best online coin shop to buy AUTHENTIC numismatic ancient Greek, Roman, Biblical, Byzantine, Medieval Historical Coins and Artifacts. Large selection makes easy to add to collection or even start collecting. All items are guaranteed authentic for a lifetime and come with CERTIFICATE of AUTHENTICITY.

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Coins of the Travels of St. Paul - The cities described in the bible the apostle of Jesus Christ visited in ancient times which minted coins

Welcome to the best ancient Greek, Roman, Biblical, Medieval, Byzantine online coin store. Up above are pages you can click on that give you great ideas about the types of coins available for sale. Items are usually shipped daily so you can rest assured to make these as great unique gifts for both men and women. As a numismatist, I believe ancient coins make one of the best investments. Collectors of numismatic coins may fall in love with this old money. Ancient coins come in both bronze and precious metals such as silver and gold. What is great is that you can great value as these types of coins are not popularized in places such as the antiques roadshow or pawn stars. You can see for yourself by the feedback, that there is over 99% positive experience for anyone that shops here and that you are dealing with one of the best, most reputable coin dealers on the internet. Coin collecting is easy and fun with the wealth of information presented. It is an amazing feeling to hold historical currency from thousands of years ago. These coins are worth money not just for their intrinsic, but also historical, numismatic and collector value. Investing money into an ancient coin collection is for anyone who values rarity, beauty and so much more that make up this great hobby. You may be looking for advice on how or where to start. There are many great links available in my eBay store that cover many great topics on ancient coins. Anything that you buy here is of great value, especially for the long term and the short term. The prices you can buy coins here are negotiable via the 'make offer' feature that is available on all items so you can get amazingly good deals buying coins and a selection of rarities not found anywhere else. The collecting guide above is a great list that can be used as a tool to collect almost every emperor or empress as it is in chronological order and allows you to search my store for those coins by clicking on them. Other great topics, such as Ancient Greek and Roman Commemorative coins deals with the most interesting commemorative coins you can buy. Happy shopping. I look forward to dealing with you for a lifetime. Some of the oldest, most valuable ancient coins that you may find here are that of Julius Caesar and Alexander the Great. Exchange your modern money for ancient money by buying an amazing ancient coin today. A great gift for yourself and others.

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Symbols of Early Christianity on Ancient Roman and Medieval Coins

Christianity spread originally in the ancient Roman empire. The emperor Constantine I, the Great had the First Council of Nicaea standardize Christianity circa 325 A.D.. Since those times, the symbols of Christianity were well wide-spread on ancient coinage. Certainly an interesting topic to collect and explore. This article puts many different topics relating to Christianity together for a quick guide to those topics on ancient coins. There may be more topics to explore, and I would like to add them to the list, if you should like to let me know about them. May this be helpful to you.

  1. Coins of Jerusalem are certainly another intersting topic to collect, that are connected with the "Holy Land"
  2. Tribute penny coins were issued by Tiberius - Roman Emperor 14 A.D. - 37 A.D.
  3. Pontius Pilate - Known chiefly for the Trial and Crucifixion of Jesus Christ. His coins exist and are an interesting area to collect.
  4. Constantine I 'The Great'- Roman Emperor: 307-337 A.D. is also known as saint Constantine, and are important for Christianity.
  5. Saint Helena Roman Empress Mother of Constantine the Great
  6. Aelia Flacilla Roman Empress Theodosius I Wife 379-385 A.D., known as the Orthodox Saint Aelia Flacilla
  7. Coins with the cross on them were mostly minted by emperors Theodosius II Byzantine Emperor 408-450 A.D. and Arcadius Roman Emperor 393-408 A.D.
    Coins of Theodosius II and Arcadius Depicted the Cross on them.
  8. Coins with the Chi-Rho and Labarum Military standard, were a combination of the initials of Jesus Christ in Greek, the letters X and P. The pronunciation of those two letters was actually Chi for X and Rho for the P. This symbol was said "By this Sign I shall Conquer" used by Constantine I, the Great. Notice how in the coin on the right, the emperor holds a captive by the head, while holding the standard with the Chi-Rho, called the labarum.

    Ancient Roman Coins of Valentinian featured the Chi-Rho, early Christ Monogram
  9. Ancient Roman coins depicting Angels, know in Roman times as Victory. It is easy to establish a connection with the ancient Greek goddess Nike or Victory that was adopted by the early Christians and known nowadays as angels.
    Ancient Roman Angel Coins Can also be Interpreted as Victory or VIctoria
  10. Jesus Christ on ancient/medieval Byzantine Coins
    Jesus Christ Ancient Coins Featured Him Holding the Book of Gospels are available for sale.
  11. Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus Christ
  12. Byzantine Coins depicting various saints.  

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