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Grow Happiness!

Live Plant  Beautiful live aquarium plant!

Dwarf Shrimp Items for Shrimp keepers!

Sun-baked Catappa Organic, home processed & Pesticide FREE!

Marimo Moss Ball A dream-come-true aquarium inhabitant from Japan!

Co2  rhinox series is similar to ADA design at 25% price

Accessories items that make fish keeping easier




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Dear customers, we do not ship plants to Australia. We are working hard to change listings with error. Thank you and have a nice day.
Frequently Asked Questions
 Q: I only received accessory (or plant) which I purchased both at the same time.
  A: Living plant will be shipped separately with other item for every order. Please wait for few more days for the package to reach, and contact us at if it does not reach.
 Q: I am inspired by the beautiful tanks and love to decorate my own tank, how do I start?
  A: Simply drop us a message to let us know your tank size and what your fishes want their dream home to look like. =)
 Q: What is AquaticMagic?
  A: AquaticMagic is an Aquarium Concept Store with the mission to Grow Happiness! We are located in Malaysia, which is a country with summer-all-year-round and lots of rain. Visit Malaysia for its beautiful tropical lush rain forest,crystal clear river, sunny beach and coral reef.
 Q: Why do I not received any shipping notification?
  A: Occasionally there is error in our system or it might go into spam folder of your email. Please add into your contact list.
 Q: When will the item reach after the purchase?
  A: We ship item within 2-3 working days after the payment received. International shipment takes 7-15 days to reach your location.
 Q: Will I get any notification after my item was sent?
  A: Yes, we will send a shipping notification after the item was sent. Tracking number will be included for Registered and Express shipping.
 Q: I did not receive my item after 15 days from shipping date.
  A: Please contact us at and provide confirmed shipping address, we will check the package status and reply you on the soonest working day.
 Q: Will the plant survive on the 15 days shipping?
  A: Yes it will survive. If the plant reach you in unhealthy condition, just notify us at We will resend a new plant or refund according to your preference.
 Q: Why I am not able to combine the shipping?
  A: We cannot combine invoice due to different currency. Please contact us at to enjoy discount on shipping fees.
 Q: What discount can I get in multiple purchase?
  A: You will be entitled for 15% to 20% shipping discount on 2nd item onwards. Please refer to individual listing for shipping charges. For example, the shipping for 3 item with $3.95 shipping is: $3.95 + $2.95 + $2.95.
 Q: Can I combined the postage charges?
  A: Thank you so much for your multiple item purchases. Our system will auto calculate discount for each additional item shipped and send you an invoice. For FREE Shipping items, visit this link @
 Q: Do you combine shipping?
  A: Thank you so much for your multiple item purchases. Our system will auto calculate 15% to 20% discount for each additional item shipped and send you an invoice. For FREE Shipping items, visit this link @
 Q: When can I expect my order to arrive?
  A: Usually, it takes about 4 to 9 days for Europe's major cities & less than 15 days for rural areas. For USA, it takes about 7 to 12 days for most places and less than 15 days for rural areas.
 Q: Do you ship internationally?
  A: We do not ship plant to Australia. We shipped internationally for our dry goods. (Visit hundreds of our free shipping items here
 Q: The aquatic plants belong to freshwater or saltwater?
  A: Freshwater only. We do not have saltwater aquatic plants.
 Q: Which moss is ideal to carpet the aquarium floor?
  A: Christmas moss would be excellent! It provides staple food for fish fry and shrimplets as well.
 Q: How do I use moss to carpet the floor?
  A: You can attach the moss to wire mesh or rocks using sewing thread or fishing thread. Then arrange them on the floor.
 Q: How do I clean my Co2 diffuser if it gets clogged?
  A: You can soak it in bleach and then when all the algae is gone, soak it in water + dechlorinator. H2O2 works too, but not as quickly as bleach. I usually soak mine in bleach and then a little H2O2, then water + dechlorinator.