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  • Orlando Package FAQ
How It Works

1. Pick and read the terms of  the package you like.
2. Check availability with us BEFORE you purchase.
3. Purchase and pay for your package if your dates are available.
4. Follow the link in your purchase confirmation email from eBay to fill out our internet based reservation form immediately after your purchase. Allow up to three (3) full business days to have your request processed and confirmed. We will contact you if additional information may be needed before we can confirm your reservations.
5. We will email your confirmation  to you.

Payments: We accept payment via PayPal or you can call our office at (423)245-8200 and pay by MasterCard, Visa, or Discover. If you pay via PayPal, we require you to place a credit card on file for your vacation. No Checks or Money Orders.

Availability: Dates are confirmed by an email confirmation letter with a confirmation number. To try to ensure your availability, submit your online reservation form as soon as possible after you purchase your package. Holidays fill up quickly.

CHANGES/CANCELLATIONS: Reschedules and cancellations must be requested by email with your your name and confirmation number (if applicable) before being completed.

Call (423)245-8200
Mon-Sun 9:30a-5p EST


Orlando Package FAQ
Phone: (423) 245-8200 

Q. Can tickets be added or upgraded?
Sure. Just let us know which tickets you’d like pricing on and the number of tickets requested. We’ll be happy to send you pricing.

Q. We’d like to have more nights than what’s listed. Can we add more?
Yes. Depending on the season & availability, we are happy to add additional nights. Let us know how many nights you’re interested in and we’ll check on availability and pricing.

Q. When will I receive the tickets?
You are given the tickets at the resort immediately after your tour is completed.

Q. When is the tour?
In most cases, it will be the morning after check in. In high season, it may be the 2nd day. If you would like to get the tickets before the tour, you are given the option to pay in advance & once the tour is completed, the resort will refund you.

Q. Do I have to buy anything?
No. You are only obligated to meet the qualifications listed & complete the 90-120 minute tour.

Q. How do I make a reservation?
Your winning bidder notification will include a link to an online reservation form to be filled out. We will also send one through eBay messages.

Q. What if the dates I want aren’t available after I’ve purchased?
In most cases, we can check on dates ahead of time. However, there is a chance they could sell out before your reservation has been processed. If this happens, we will be happy to refund you 100% of your purchase or see if there is another resort that’s available (with your approval), you’d like to stay at.

Q. What if I for some reason buy the package and don't meet the qualifications listed on the vacation package, fail to show up on my arrival date with my cohabitating partner/spouse, or fail to take the property tour?
You would be charged the full price of the package plus the cost of any gifts included, minus the promotional price you paid.

Q. Do I have to buy anything during the promotional resort tour?
NO! You are not obligated to buy anything! Once you have completed the informative tour of the hosting resort, the rest of the time is yours to enjoy!

Q. Why did my promotional tour at the resort last almost two hours when the information from All Good Vacations stated 90 minutes?
There are several factors that can lead to a longer tour. If you are interested in the vacation ownership package or simply hit it off with the representative and get into conversations, these can attribute to a longer tour time. If you are not interested, simply fulfill the full 90 minutes, be curteous to the sales person and nicely excuse your self explaining you are not interested. Make sure you fulfill at least the minimum tour time, or your tour will be considered incomplete and your credit/debit card on file with All Good Vacations will be charged the full regular cost for your vacation package.

Q. How do I schedule/reschedule my tour date/time?
We do not schedule/reschedule tour times. These times/dates are set forth by the resort on a first available slot. We have no control over tour times. The resorts will not schedule your tour the day of your arrival or departure.

Q. Can I request a particular cabin/type of room/room amenities/resort building, etc?
No. Accomodations are based on limited availability for these promotions and are assigned on a first come first serve basis by the resorts/hotels.

Q. I told by the hotel listed in my package there's plenty of availability, but you say there isn't? Why?
The resorts block off a certain number of rooms for us at the promotional rate we're offering. Once the those select number of rooms are booked, no more rooms can be offered at our promotional price.

Q. Why does it take a minimum of three full business days to setup a reservation request?
Due to the nature of these promotions, reservations take extra processing. Due to security reasons and technological limitations, the resorts and hotels are not able to give us direct access to their reservation computer databases. Therefore all communications and reservation requests are processed via email and by hand. All requests must be reviewed for accuracy, errors corrected, and qualfications verified. In the event there are errors on your form, or if you fail to provide all the requested information, then your reservation request will be delayed. Please refrain from calling or emailing our office inquiring about the status of your reservation request until a full minimum of three business days has passed.

Q. Why do these packages have age, marriage, income, and other qualification requirements?
These qualifications are set forth by the resort, not All Good Vacations, and are designed to target a select demographic for a potential investment in vacation ownership options. All Good Vacationsis obligated by contracts with the resorts to adhere to these qualifications, otherwise, the resort/hotel bills All Good Vacations the full regular cost of the vacation package.

Q. Can I buy more than one package to the same destination?
No. The resort promotional rules only allow one package every 15-24 months. This will vary. Please see the important information listed at the bottom of each vacation package informational page. This also applies to purchasing a package to a resort desintation through All Good Vacations that you visted through another company.

Q. What if I buy two packages to two completely resort destinations from All Good Vacations?
You may purchase as many different destinations other than the ones with limitations. You cannot use these packages back to back and we do ask for 14-30 days between destinations.