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AlienXnation™ - 1980s L.A. Metal - The Hollywood Sunset Strip

" Like a lot of the LA rockers, when The Strip died I went to college and found my
place in another field. I married a beautiful woman and had a family. By accident,
about 10 years ago I got involved in Selling Guitars " - Johnny ( Owner of AlienXnation™ )

The Strip is the name given to the a stretch of Sunset Boulevard that passes through West Hollywood, California USA.

Glamour and glitz defined the Sunset Strip during the time of big bands through to the west coast rhythm and blues rage in the 1930s and the 1940s. Later in the 1960s and 1970s the Sunset Strip became a haven for rock-n-roll and an incubator for bands from the era of psychedelic rock.

In the 1980s at the tail end of the punk scene was to begin the historic and epic time of the L.A. Metal Era. Back in those days rockers filled the streets on a very short stretch of sidewalk between the Whisky-A-Go-Go and Gazzarri's. This part of The Sunset Strip was colonized by metal bands coming from all parts the USA looking for that big break and creating a vibrant scene for hard rock music.

Johnny ( owner of AlienXnation™ )

AlienXnation™ is considered to be the worldwide authority
on the guitars of the LA Metal Scene.

In the late 1980s, along with countless rockers pursuing the dream, Johnny was lucky enough to experience and absorb information that would have been otherwise unattainable had he not been there on The Strip.

Johnny was born and raised in Orange County California USA and went to high school in San Dimas California. Other than skipping more than a decade and a half of haircuts, he spent his 20s in a metal band playing clubs in the Southern California area ( circa 1986-1990 ).

" For me those times in Hollywood when the Sunset Strip was occupied by headbangers and glam rockers is still sharp in my memory. All those old theaters and ancient go-go dancing clubs from the 1930s and beyond were converted to venues for metal bands. It was epic for me at the young age of 20 being in these old buildings that were iconic like 60 years before.

" I went to high school in the city of San Dimas California where there was one very famous guitar making company. In the mid 1980s all those famous little boutique rock-n-roll guitar shops were also right there in a row on Sunset boulevard in Hollywood. To make a few bucks and for a day job I choose work that didn't pay much but I was surrounded in my addiction."

As for my generation, it really was only about four or five years that LA Glam Metal and The Sunset Strip in Hollywood had the whole worlds attention. I could almost mark the day that the Seattle scene took over. It was just about the same time we saw the demise of Gazzarri's. On the Strip you started to see lumberjack flannel and plaid replace leather and vinyl. The whole thing was an American culture trip.

Like a lot of the LA rockers, when The Strip died I went to college and found my place in another field. I married a beautiful woman and had a family. By accident, about 10 years ago I got involved in Selling Guitars " - Johnny

We know everyone remembers that 1980s MTV generation. From New York to the UK, from Japan to Europe the youth felt like rock stars. The decadence of the Sunset Strip was historic. The LA Metal scene influenced a generation. Unlike today, everyone had big hair and dressed rock-n-roll.

Back in the day - or night - you might have found Johnny and Metal Heads in Hollywood California at The Whisky-A-Go-Go, for a time Coconut Teaser, Gazzarris or prowling around The Famous Cathouse. There were other places and underground clubs such as The Scream. The Long Beach arena was a hot spot on any certain night. Yet, the Sunset Strip and the city of Hollywood never slept.

" Places like Rock N Roll Denny’s on Sunset or The Rainbow were always packed with vampires and rockstars at the end of a Saturday night gig. On that small stretch of Sunset Boulevard, between live music venues, every night was sheer heavy metal excitement.

Waist length hair and extreme clothes, in that time rockers and musicians around the world didn't just look the part and dress the part, we lived it ". - Johnny

Just like you, all of us at AlienXnation™ had a lot of great times and have many great stories that we actually lived to tell. Stories of big hair, hot chicks, and 1980s Metal!

Now nearly thirty years later The AlienXnation™ Team draws upon Johnny's valuable memories and information to create a guitar experience true to this memory. We make our guitars and expertise available to you in our store.

Johnny's customers include notable rock stars, guitar collectors and rock-n-roll rebels. Johnny's instruments have found their home with some of the most creative people on the planet.

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Corona, California USA
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