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New AXN™ 2016 Handcrafted Guitars
Available AXN Guitars

We are excited to offer our AXN™ Guitars on the World's Online Marketplace Ebay

We are a builder of aged guitars. The AXN™ Guitar Studio is located 40 minutes east of Hollywood in the city of Corona California USA. It is from here that we manufacture new guitars that look old from exotic woods.

We have a complete mastery of exotic tone-woods and use these skills to uncork the ultimate heavy guitar sound. We understand the delicate balance between resonance and sustain at higher volumes.

We truly hand craft our guitars utilizing three decades of experience. Our expertise resides in the manufacturing of electric guitars, in the detailed knowledge of the raw materials used in making guitars, and in the history of electric guitar manufacturing.  In addition we are seasoned guitar collectors having great knowledge of vintage electric guitars from the golden era of electric guitar manufacturing ( 1950-1960s ) through to the 1980s.

We hand pick exotic timber marrying the perfect pickup to its perfect tone-wood. In addition, we have extensively field tested exotic metals used in guitar hardware. We understand heat treating which can alter a metals physical or chemical properties resulting in a unique tone-flavor. We utilize this artistry to generate a magnificent formula for each AXN™ Guitar. Using our knowledge of exotics we have unleashed that holy grail tone that every rocker is in search of.

Available AXN Guitars

All AXN™ guitars are crafted from prime wood. Some may have light or heavy relic-ing making these new guitars appear vintage. Every AXN™ guitar is an individual work of art and will exceed all your expectations.

We search through multiple sources to locate only the best timber from which to hand craft our guitars. Whether is a slab of 200 year old wood or a 10 year old fully dried piece of swamp ash, we shape it into a work of art that performs according the the model specific sonic characteristics we require.

All the exotic woods we use will have dried unanimously translating a rich buttery tone associated with a quality vintage guitar. Therefore driving a tight, crisp, articulate and well rounded sustain to your amp. These attributes are perfectly suited to progressive hard rock players familiar with higher volumes and aggressive playing techniques.

Every guitar we sell will arrive ready to use live whether you are performing a set at your next home town bar-b-que or headlining a gig at Madison Square Garden. Every detail of our hand crafted guitars are in perfect sync.

We are artists. We spent three years in research, design and development to achieve our point of completion. We knew how to listen to our customers who like to rock and rock HARD! In addition, some familiar rock bands that are customers contributed to the R&D process. They made suggestions after using our guitars live at large venues or throughout a whole tour. Our AXN™ guitars embody unique details relished by hard rock guitar players.

Today we have achieved success creating the most comfortable, best looking, best playing guitars with the fullest tone and nothing short common sense features.

We are not joking when we say we've made our AXN™ guitars ready-to-use live and ready take the kind of punishment we would put them through. These guitars are ready to take a beating at a high energy show. After which an AXN™ guitar can go right back to hanging on the wall to enjoy again and again.

" I’m 100% certain our handcrafted guitars will capture your temperament so you can separate yourself as an individual” - Johnny ”

All AXN™ Guitars are built from these quality components in Corona, California USA

Available AXN Guitars
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Corona, California USA
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