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• AlienXnation™ has been selling guitars on Ebay since 2004 with over 1000+ successful online transactions

• We are an Honest Seller and a family run business. You can count on an honest transaction.

• We have great customer service

• If there are questions or problems please Contact Us before using the Ebay Problem Solving system.

Do not Commit Fraud using Any Part of Ebay's Guarantee. If this term is ignored you will be banned from shopping at The AlienXnation Store forever and we will report you to our Ebay representative by telephone. This wil result in suspension of your Ebay account.

• We will add you to our Ebay Blocked list if you cancel a transaction, dont pay for an item, send malicious Ebay emails or get on our bad side in general.

** Be honest and have character and treat other Ebay users including sellers with respect.**

• Payment •
• If you Buy-It-Now please make payment within 24hrs
• If we accept your offer please pay within 24 hrs
• Items will be relisted if payment is not made
• We currently ONLY accept PayPal for Ebay purchases

• Trades •
• We Do Not Accept Trades of any kind
• Please do not ask us if we want to trade guitars

• Returns Are Accepted Under The Following Circumstances • Store Credit is The Preferred Reimbursement Method at AlienXnation

• Our items have great photos and descriptions. Therefore all sales are final. It is your responsibility to research the item you purchase and ask questions before you purchase.

• We back every item with our PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE which guarantees that the item will perform as described in the Ebay listing. If the item is defective we will allow a return even if the listing states that the seller does not accept returns. PLEASE CONTACT US

• If the item was - in our opinion - described accurately and you open a fraudulent Ebay Buyers Protection case so as to force a return and receive a refund you will be banned from shopping at our store forever and we will report you to our Ebay representative by telephone. Ebay will revoke your Ebay buyers account for fraud.

• Store Credit - is our preferred method if you receive your item and want to return it because of No-Fault-of-AlienXnation.


• Store Credit - is our preferred method if you receive your item and want to return it because of No-Fault-of-AlienXnation.

• Cash or PayPal Refunds are not our reimbursement method for USED items..period.. Store Credit is our choice reimbursement method. This applies to returns, cancelled transactions and all failed orders. You will be banned from shopping at our store forever and we will report you to our Ebay representative by telephone if this term is ignored.

• Returns are fully accepted within 14 days of purchase ONLY for items that are "not as described" or damaged in shipping.

Returns Are 100% Accepted Per The Following. We will always offer you great customer service and a fair return policy.
• Returns are accepted 100% of the time for items that are mis-represented in the item description or items damaged in shipping. No need to worry. You will always get a reimbursement of the full cost of the item plus the full shipping cost. Please Contact Us for questions before using the Ebay Problem Solving System.

• Changed Your Mind After Purchase or made a mistake in what you purchased? The used item does not fit in general or deos not fit your needs? You did not read the description and expected more or something different than the item you received? Its your responsibility to ask the sellers and retailers questions in life before you pay for an item... so this is considered buyers remorse...Buyers remorse is not an acceptable reason to expect a refund.. Its not an an acceptable reason for a refund in the AlienXnation Store and is disclosed here within this written contract revised on 2/10/2018. •

• Please choose a Store Credit if you change your mind after purchase because of no fault of ours.

• Unfortunately buyers that are not truthfull with us or Ebay will be blocked from future purchases with The AlienXnation Guitar Boutique.

Also we charge at least a 20% and up to a 30% re-stocking fee if you cancel a transaction resulting in loss of time and money to The AlienXnation store because of no fault of ours.

Dont not abuse the ebay system .. you will lose your Ebay account.

We are truthful in our dealings and you can count on honesty in our character as well as honesty in each an every item description. Thank You for shopping with The AlienXnation Guitar Boutique

>>> Please Contact Us for question about returns <<<

• Shipping and Delivery •
• We have shipped 1000+ guitars to over 45 countries successfully

• Your item will arrive undamaged and exactly as it appears in the photos. There is no need to worry about our choice of shipping carrier.
• We generally dont ship guitars in guitar cases. We have shipped ALL shapes of light and heavy guitars around the world successfully. Our custom boxing and ship method is safer than any standard guitar case.

Our custom boxing and shipping method is the best and safest method ever!

• International Shipping •
• We ship to every location around the globe. We are successful with shipments arriving safely to every place on earth!

• Prices - International Shipping •

• If you think the shipping price is high for delivery to your location request a shipping quote before purchase

Available AXN Guitars

Corona, California USA
Self Indulgent Guitars for Self Indulgent Individuals

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