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Thank you for visiting. This is home to everything data. Pick up your At&t Unlimited 4g Lte Data plan from the source. Lighting fast, Unthrottled, and Guaranteed to work or your money back. It's that simple. It's "Wireless the way it should be."

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Frequently Asked Questions
 Q: What is the monthly fee?
  A: $29.99 per month out the door on Auto pay. $34.99 if you choose not to enroll in it.
 Q: Why can't I send you a message?
  A: Due to the overwhelming response to my listings I am only able to answer questions from customers who have paid for a item. All other questions are answered in my listings or in this area. Thank you.
 Q: Are you sure this is Unlimited data with No Throttling?
  A: I get asked 10 times a day if I'm sure it's Unlimited with no slow downs. At&t has a disclaimer with all data plans stating they "may" slow your speeds after 22gb but they don't on this plan. I wouldn't be in business if I lied about it and would have terrible reviews/feedback.
 Q: I called At&t they offer no such plan how come you do?
  A: A magician never reveals his secrets. I have sold thousands of these plans with great feedback. This isn't a scam. If your still skeptical I'll save you some time. Don't purchase my listing.
 Q: Will my unlocked hotspot work on this plan?
  A: 'I don't know. But I know someone who does. His name is Google. There are thousands of devices on the market. In order to find out just google will my (model number) work on Att 4g network?
 Q: I got a email today saying I am approaching the top 5% of data users
  A: This is sent to everyone who uses a lot of data. It is meant as a scare tactic so you won't use as much data because they know for whatever reason they can't throttle this plan. I get this message the first day of a new billing cycle because I use over 600gb every month. Do not worry you will be fine!
 Q: Help!!! I am being Throttled you lied to me!!
  A: To this day not one customer as been able to prove the are being throttled. . When a plan gets throttled it drops to about 256kbps like dial up basically and it stays there through the whole billing cycle. It doesn't come on and off. The plan is deprioritized (as all data plans are) which i totally different then throttling.
 Q: What is deprioritzation? Does this account have that?
  A: Yes. The plan is deprioritized (as all data plans are) which i totally different then throttling. When depriotization occurs your speeds will be slowed because of network congestion and to make it fare for all and to make sure everyone can connect they will slow speeds during busy times, high traffic etc ...Throttling is very slow always.
 Q: What is throttling?
  A: When a plan gets throttled it drops to about 256kbps after 22gb, like dial up basically and it stays there through the whole billing cycle. It doesn't come on and off. If your plan is slow sometimes and fine other times chances are it's signal or the equipment itself?
 Q: Why is is slow sometimes drops the wifi connection?
  A: The range on these tiny mifi's is around 15 ft..The less expensive hotspots are not designed as a always on primary/heavy use product. They are designed to be turned on, check some emails, occasional videos, facebook, etc...then powered down and put away. If your planing on using it a lot/ primary line, invest in a good hotspot (Netgear nighthawk)
 Q: What's a good hotspot? I want to use it as my primary internet connection at home.
  A: If your planing on using it a lot , invest in a good hotspot (Netgear Nighthawk M1 MR1100) then invest in a good home router and connect them via the ethernet port. I personally get around 100mbps download all the time and use around 600gb per month with zero issues. I have customers on the nighthawk using close to 1tb of data a month no issues
 Q: I did everything you asked, paid for the plan, and it still isn't working.
  A: You may need to change your apn settings. The settings should be set as follows: NAME: apn broadband APN: Broadband Restart the device with activated SIM card and it should connect. If you do not know how to change apn settings, google your model # of your device and how to change apn settings. It can be different on different model numbers.
 Q: What is APN settings/what are the correct APN settings.
  A: An Access Point Name (APN) is the name of a gateway between a GSM, GPRS, 3G or 4G mobile network and another computer network, frequently the public Internet. A mobile device making a data connection must be configured with an APN to present to the carrier. Set your apn: NAME: apn broadband APN: Broadband Restart your device and you'll be connected
 Q: Do you offer discounts on multiple lines?
  A: Yes. Message me for current rates.
 Q: I want to sell/resell your service. Will you help me?
  A: Yes. Message me for more details
 Q: Why is it taking so long to activate? Why haven't you responded yet it's been over a hour?
  A: I live in Hawaii. When it is 9am in New york it is 3am here. I am a human being, I require sleep. I typically work 3pm-5am (HST) 7 days/week and my customer service manager 9am to 3pm (HST) M-F I promise I will get back to you asap. There could be a number of reasons it is taking a while. Please do not keep sending me messages over an over.
 Q: I need this done ASAP, can you activate now. Please hurry
  A: Look, this is a internet activation not life or death situation. I will activate as soon as I can. I go down my list in the order it was received. If I see message after message from you in a short time frame, guess what? You will be moved to the last person I activate. I guarantee activation within 24 hours max. Is that really to long to wait?
 Q: Is the first month included in my pricing.
  A: No. the price you pay for the listing includes the item (if any) or the activation on the $29.99 Unlimited plan. First month is never included in my listings.