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 4D Comics & Collectibles carries Golden to Modern Age comics, comic related items, trading cards, memoribilia and other collectibles.

DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, Image, Valiant, Gold Key, Dell, Caliber, Fantagraphics, Topps, First, and much more! 

Email me with any questions you have on any of my items!

My inventory is constantly growing and changing...check back often or email me if you don't see what you are looking for!

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Welcome to 4D Comics & Collectibles!


Complete descriptions...Great Shipping...Professional Service!

I specialize in providing complete, professional grading and descriptions of every item I sell; fast, reasonably priced shipping; and great service. I carry comics of All Ages, in All Grades, from All Publishers. I sell comics for true fans, enthusiasts and collectors...not investors or fan-boys.

With every listing I give a complete description of condition, grade, and other information to give you more confidence in your purchase. You can search my listings by Publisher, Artists names, Writers, Character names, etc.

I also carry other items, such as: Books, Paperbacks, Videos, Railroad memoribilia, Military memoribilia, Toys and Novelties.

If you have any questions at all, please email me at:

Most comics listed at 75% of Guide or less! All comics ship with BRAND NEW Bags n' Boards!

If any of the following apply to you, then you are ready for 4D Comics!

Tired of buying comics from people who hide behind the excuse: "I'm not a professional grader."???

Who is a professional grader? Does anyone actually get paid just to grade comics? Pretty much no one does, unless you count such serious auction houses as Sotheby's or even the self-proclaimed "professionals" at CGC. Everyone who collects comics grades comics...period. You know what condition you think your comics are in and so does everyone else.

I do not hide behind "not being able to grade." I am also not saying my way is the only way. What I am saying is that I will give you my best perception of the grade and condition of everything I you don't have to guess at what's coming in the mail!

*See my About Me profile for more information on Grading.

Tired of buying comics from people who grade items higher than they really are???

I've bought them online and I'm sure many of you have too. Things like "cover still attached" in the description, only to find the Seller had just re-stapled them! And how about the comics that are supposed to be "100% complete" that arrive with entire corners missing from the book? Or the comic that looks great from the front but has a back cover that's been in a catfight? Or even the one's that turn out to have missing coupons or pages inside but looked "Near Mint to Mint" on the outside? Oh yeah, these people are out there and if you have bought comics online you have probably had your share of horror stories as well.

I grade comics seriously and very strictly. I do not buy large collections and sell them in chunks without looking at them first, like many people do. I take each and every comic...whether it's worth $100 or just $1...and take it out of the old bag (if it even had one!); inspect it cover to cover; write down the description of condition; grade it; scan it (front AND back cover!); and put it up for sale. If a comic has very few defects, I will try to list them individually; if it's an older comic with a lot of wear, I will try to cover everything that restricts it to a particular grade or affects it's appearance.

*See my About Me profile for more information on Grading.

Tired of buying comics from people who don't know how to ship them???

This is one of my pet peeves with buying online comics. Can you imagine someone shipping Golden Age comics in a manila envelope??? I mean, unpadded, non-waterproof, plain old manila envelope...with no insurance??? Oh yes, I have found these people and I find it to be one of the most disappointing things to find my "new" comics shipped so poorly. The home-made boxes and other contraptions I have seen comics shipped in are sometimes as funny as they are pathetic in their protection.

I ship comics the way I feel they are supposed to be shipped: Individual comics ship in stiff and/or padded mailers. Large stacks of comics or other items ship in boxes, including packing and wrapping. I use new materials, I do not skimp on the packaging. Also, everything ships with Delivery Confirmation...period. I will know if the item gets to the address you give me. When I ship any item I sell, I want to know that it got there and was protected from damage along the way.

*See my About Me profile for more information on Shipping & Packaging.

Tired of buying comics from people or stores that are"too big" ???

Sellers that are so busy or do so much business they can't answer an email? Or even taking 2 weeks before they get around to shipping your comics? Yes, they are out there. I try to do business a little differently. I both buy and sell, so I understand the business from both sides of the counter, trust me. I will answer your emails as best I can and I will get your comics or other purchases out the door as soon as reasonably possible.

Tired of buying from people or stores that are "too small"???

Sellers with no selection or one-time only Sellers who you can't rely on to have what you are looking for? I am not the biggest online store in the world but I am not the smallest either! I have hundreds of items listed and even more items being put in inventory every day. If you don't see what you are looking for, send me an email. I might have it and just haven't gotten around to putting it up for sale yet. If I know you are looking for a comic that I have, I will put it in inventory as soon as I hear from you!