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 Toys, Crafts, Games, Hobbies, Antiques, Glass, Art, Jewelry, Watches, Collectibles, Coins, Clocks, Electronics, Cameras, Home & Garden, Sports Memorabilia. New & used items acquired through liquidators, manufacturers, independent & speciality shops, estates & private owners. That's 2NicePeople!
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Nice People Doing Business With Nice People

2NicePeople truly appreciates your business. Our somewhat lengthy FAQ page was developed over a decade as a direct result of answering the concerns, curiosities, emailed questions and phone calls of our valued browsers and customers, but please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions. There is no question too small. Your 100% satisfaction is always our goal.

We love satisfied Customers!

2NicePeople guarantees every item(s) we have up for auction or for sale in any of our stores is 100% as represented and clearly pictured. We make every effort to carefully describe each item. Returns will be accepted only if an item received is not as represented in the ad, or if there is a return policy otherwise stated in the item(s) ad.

WARRANTY: On new and used items, no warranty is either expressed or implied by 2NicePeople Unless a specific warranty is otherwise stated in a product description, all new and preowned items sold have no warranty, and are sold "AS IS". Item(s) sold by us that are listed in our ad descriptions as 'new', or 'refurbished', 'remanufactured', store 'shelf pulls', 'overstocked', 'closeouts', 'liquidations' or items that may be 'like new' may still have some manufacturers warranty remaining. Our Warranty Disclaimer in this FAQ outlines our responsibilities and also our return policies. Whatever warranty that may be remaining (if any) on any item(s) we sell, the warranty (if any) would be in effect from the manufacturer, and you must contact the product manufacturer(s) directly for warranty considerations and/or service.

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Terms Of Site Usage

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QUESTIONS: As stated above, we are delighted to answer any questions you have. Our email is regularly checked — usually about every hour during the 10am-4pm (ET) Mon-Fri workday, and every couple hours on Sat and Sun. National holidays and Sun we generally do give our staff off.

Your 100% Guarantee

2NicePeople guarantees every item(s) we have up for auction or for sale in any of our stores is 100% as represented and clearly pictured. We make every effort to carefully describe each item. Returns will be accepted only if an item received is not as represented in the ad, or if there is a return policy otherwise stated in the item(s) ad.

The time to ask questions is before you bid or buy. If you are asking a question about an item at auction, please try to ask any questions prior to three hours before the auction ends. Thanks so much.

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We believe in good communications! As such we are quite prompt with replies to emails we receive, even to the point of using wireless to insure continuous monitoring of all aspects of our business operations. Our customers really love our quick, detailed, and personal responses, and we will never automate this part of the buying / selling process. But sometimes emails have delays and sometimes they just don't make it through (loss could be caused by an email system, servers, routers, SPAM filters, anti-virus programs, or any other number of reasons).

To get around this cyberboulder, we simply ask that If you have not received a response from us within three hours of sending us an email, please email us again at .


To contact us online, click here.

Regular Business Hours:
Mon - Fri: 10am to 4pm (Eastern Time)
Sat: Closed
Sun / Holidays: Closed

Mailing Address:

Mailing Address:
1202 SW 17 Street
#201, Suite 206
Ocala, FL 34471

Sales eMail:
Support eMail:


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If you plan on mailing your payment to us, please complete the 'Checkout' before you send your payment so we can gather all relevant information for shipping your product, and get your item(s) to the shipper.  Completing the 'Checkout' also records how you are paying (or have paid), and that you are sending a payment to us via regular mail or other method. Completing the 'Checkout' confirms you have received the 'Checkout' email with all your purchase information, and will also prevent you from being considered late, or a Non-Paying Bidder.

You will be automatically be sent an email with the URL (link) to your 'Checkout' right after you have made your purchase (or, in the case of an auction when the auction you won ends). If for any reason you do not receive the first 'Checkout' email, you will automatically continue to receive 'Checkout' emails approximately every four days as a reminder until you have completed the 'Checkout' process.

All information – your total price for the item(s), and shipping cost(s) for the item(s) you purchased, payment methods, and our contact information and mailing address will all be found at the "Checkout'. Once you complete the 'Checkout', you will easily be able to print an invoice, and if paying online, also print out a receipt for your records (if you would like to have printed copies). We will be sending you a receipt via email once we have physically received your payment.

In the case of multiple items purchased, all items you purchased will automatically show up in your 'Checkout' (if you used the same email address, and other Buyer contact information on all of your purchases). You will automatically receive a Shipping Credit in your 'Checkout' for multiple items that you purchased that are being shipped at the same time. If you used different order information and you would like to combine multiple orders for shipping savings, just send us a request via email. Send your request to: . You only need to do this if multiple items purchased by you were purchased using different customer information. Otherwise if all items you purchased were ordered using the same customer information, you will automatically find them in your 'Checkout'.

PAYMENT METHODS ACCEPTED: All prices on products in stores and in auction are US Dollars. PayPal is our preferred payment method because it's so secure and hassle-free for everyone, but we will be happy to accept credit cards & Bank Payment via PayPal — whatever works best for you.

Motor Vehicles & Real Estate: On Motor Vehicle or Real Estate sales, we deliver clear title at the time we release the item to you -- so we can not accept credit cards or PayPal for payment in full. We accept a partial payment of $1000.00 (US) via PayPal upon your successful purchase. The only forms of payment balance accepted are stated in the ads on motor vehicles. Titles and vehicles will not be released until funds have been verified as cleared by our business bank (including electronic Bank to Bank transfers). Our bank contacts the financial institution that checks are received from for physical verification by fax back to our bank of cleared and paid checks. This process can take 7 to 10 business days.If you are paying by Bank Payment via PayPal, we will ship your item(s) once your payment is physically received by us (cleared by PayPal or/and or our bank).

INSURANCE/CLAIMS: We don't mandate insurance be purchased as some sellers do, but on over $50.00 USD, we use shippers that track packages we ship. Although we are not responsible for items lost in shipping, or damage to items shipped, if insurance is included on items we ship to cover for shipping damage and/or loss -- insurance cost will be incorporated into shipping costs unless stated otherwise in the item description. You are required to keep all packaging materials on damaged items. Insurers inspect items damaged, and shipping materials. If you do NOT have the materials that item(s) were shipped in - the insurance damage claim can be denied by the shipper. Lost/Damage Claims on any insured item purchased from us and shipped are between purchaser and insurer - not with 2NicePeople. We provide you with documentation if we assisted with the insurance.

Again, with our shippers, we use delivery confirmation on all items shipped. We are not culpable for item(s) shown by the shipper as 'delivered' to your address -- but for reasons unknown are not received by you. Our responsibility to you is to ensure shippers have delivered the items to the address you provided to PayPal. Shipping confirmation ensures we have done everything possible to make sure that the item(s) we have shipped were delivered to the address you provided PayPal.

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We ship your purchase to your PayPal address super fast. Review out our feedback!

If you request us to send your item(s) to a different address than shown in your PayPal account, we are happy to work with you. Do realize, however, that PayPal requires we ship the item to the shipping address on the “Transaction Details” page. Unless we ship to the shipping address shown in your PayPal account, there is no eBay Money Back Guarantee (formerly Seller or Buyer Protection). See PayPal for complete details. There may be other requirements to have us ship any item(s) to a non-PayPal shipping address. If you have any questions, please ask us before your purchase. Thank you.


Shipping charges are the responsibility of the buyer, unless stated otherwise in the ad.

We list the shipping charges when possible. We do not generally charge a separate handling fee. If the shipping charge is not listed on an item(s), once the auction/sale is ended and we know the shipping address, we will email the winning bidder/buyer the shipping charges. Occasionally we include these costs as a special - and when we do, it will be clearly stated in the item description or title.

If you want to pick your purchased item(s) up locally, contact us, we can make arrangements.

The shipping charge covers all of the costs involved in shipping: There are two components to the shipping charges. #1: the postage portion and #2 everything else.

The postage portion goes to the carrier (i.e. UPS, FedX, USPS), and is determined by the carrier, not us. The postage cost itself is determined by a variety of factors: shipping carrier used, type of service (i.e. Ground, 2nd Day, Next Day, etc.), the item(s) weight and package size - and the shipping destination.

Then there is the everything else, which includes the cost of packaging materials (boxes, tape, peanuts, bubble wrap, etc), ink, labels - labor to package item and prepare shipping label - then transportation costs to the shipping company (gas, oil, vehicle insurance, drivers fees, etc), any other materials, insurance cost if the item shipped is insured, and anything else necessary to ensure speedy delivery of an item.

With these considerations, we make every attempt to keep our shipping charges as low as possible.

Sidebar: Occasionally people get grumpy when they must pay a shipping cost that they perceive is out of line with the cost of the item they won at auction. Please consider this, if you would: A set of two-hundred-dollar speakers could easily go for less than $5.00 at our no-reserve penny auction this second week of July. It would be wonderful if the postage portion could be reflected in the final price, wouldn't it? But so far we haven't been able to convince the guys in blue and brown to ship the 52 pound speakers for less than the actual charge — though we'll keep trying ;) We prefer to celebrate the fantastic deal on speakers which that savvy buyer snapped up through us, and we invite everyone to adopt this healthy outlook.


We reduce by 25% the posted shipping costs on subsequent items purchased that are being shipped at the same time.
Our Combined Shipping Policy: To help you save on shipping cost, for three days following your purchase of an item (on non-motor vehicle item), if you purchase additional items from us, if you contact us immediately after you purchase before we ship your item so we can repack your multiple items together, we will happily reduce shipping cost by 25% the posted shipping cost stated on subsequent items purchased that are all being shipped at the same time. So, an an example - when you bought the first item, let's say shipping on the first item was $6.00.

Then you bought a second item, and it was also listed at $6.00 shipping cost -- before you complete the eBay checkout (or our Andale Vendio checkout, not eBay's) -- contact us before you check out on your multiple purchases and we will make the adjustment in our checkout, and send you another checkout email.

FYI - because every individual item has its own weight (packed and unpacked), its own package girth (final shipping box dimensions), and the final shipping destination, and when buyers are winning bids on a variety of items both small and large, light and heavy — there is no way of knowing if multiple items may always be able to fit into the same box. If, when shipping time comes and the items don't fit into the same box, this can require two separate boxes, thereby increasing the cost. Even if they do fit in one box, multiple items may push the box itself up to a larger, more costly one.

That said, we often take a gamble, and if we err, we want to err in favor of the customer. A lot of thought goes into the shipping cost we post in each item auction ad, and the final charge is what we expect each item to be as an average. With this shipping policy, on some items we may make up to a dollar (which helps offset other shipping related costs), and often on others, we may lose a dollar or more. We never send a buyer an email asking for more than the shipping price we state in the ad. We believe long term it will average out, and overall breaking even on all actual shipping costs involved is our goal.

Our goal is to pass along the shipping costs rounded to the nearest dollar. The extra few cents helps cover the cost of packing material and the gas involved in transit. If the postage sticker on the package you receive is more than $1.00 above what you paid, please send us an email ( and we'll happily refund you everything above the amount you paid.

Speaking frankly, at present we are running a trend of losing a small amount in the shipping department. But we feel it's the best approach to use, considering the benefit. The benefit on the items we have underpriced on shipping is, even if we lose a little, it really helps our buyers and potential bidders to relax and bid with confidence, knowing during the bidding process just what the shipping cost is, instead of having to wait until the auction has ended to find out. Judging from the grateful emails we receive on this subject, we will keep this policy.  :)

WHEN WE SHIP: On USPS or UPS Ground we ship every business day. If one of these days is a holiday, we ship the next business day after the holiday. On 2nd Day and Next Day Air we ship the next day (excluding Saturday and Sundays) after payment has cleared.

Exactly when your item(s) gets shipped is determined by your method of payment. If you are paying by PayPal, we will ship your item(s) the next business day after we are notified of your payment by PayPal. If you are paying by electronic Bank Payment, we will ship your item(s) once your payment is physically received by us (cleared by PayPal or our bank). You can also pick up your items won at auction or purchased in our stores. Please contact us if you wish to make local pickup arrangements.

WHERE WE SHIP: We generally ship in the contiguous USA only. However, if you would like the item(s) shipped outside of the continental USA and the auction ad of the item(s) you are interested in reflect On shipping quotes, please make sure to contact us Mon-Sat, with a minimum of 24 hours remaining before the auctions end'USA Only' shipping, please email us at . We will certainly try to be flexible in shipping, as we recently were for our mate 'Down Under'. Please make sure to contact us Mon-Fri, with a minimum of 24 hours remaining before the auctions end, or it won't be possible to put this consideration in process for you. As a rule - we do not ship to PO Boxes.

SHIPPERS USED: In the continental USA, we ship US Postal Service, UPS, and Federal Express. We generally ship USPS Priority or First Class. On request we will ship UPS or FedX. Shipping method will be stated in the ad. Any additional shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer.

RETURN POLICIES: Determined by how the item(s) were listed.

All 'USED' items are personally inspected by 2NicePeople and are in working order at the time we ship NOTE; if by chance we find item(s) not working when we are shipping the item(s), being 'USED' item(s) the item(s) are one of a kind, we have no replacement - the only alternative we have is to promptly notify you the item(s) is/are not working, and because item(s) not working we have exercised our right to cancel the sale on the basis the item(s) not working.

If we have found item(s) not working, WE WILL NOT SHIP A NON-WORKING ITEM - IF we find an item is not working prior to shipping we will PMOMPTLY issue you a FULL refund.
We make every possible attempt to ensure items are working at the time they are shipped, as such, we are not responsible for items that do not work at the time you receive them. If item(s) are damaged in shipping, if there is insurance, it is the buyers responsiblity to file a claim with the shipping carrier - we will happily provide any information if insurance has been included in our shipping method.


With our through descriptions and detailed photos there is generally no need for returns. On our items we comply with eBay return items policy, which will be stated in the ad. If we do offer a return it will be stated in the ad itself. Return shipping is compliance with eBay's policy (unless specifically stated otherwise in the ad).

EXCEPTION: eBay itself has policies in place to govern returns, eBay's policies ALWAYS take precedence in EVERY return case: If you need to return an item required by an eBay policy, be sure to follow the eBay item return and condition guidelines at: eBay Return Policies. For details on our return policy (including how long you have to return an item, who pays for return shipping, (we charge no restocking fees), check the return policy of any listing. Our own return policies if a return on an item is offered clarify specifics. Any questions, please ask us.

Store / Auction, On Sale, Buy It Now Items (Items stated as 'NEW'): We offer some of the finest products available and we have high standards for quality products, accurate descriptions including multiple finely detailed, large photos, and excellent customer service. If the item is sold as 'NEW" it is sold by us "as is, where is" - if the item is not working properly on arrival, item will be subject to the original Manufacturers Warranty or guarantee (if any remains).

Store / Auction, On Sale, Buy It Now Items (Items stated as 'USED'): All sales sold at a 2NicePeople as USED are 'final' - all USED items are sold on an "as is, where is" basis as stated in the ad, unless a return is offered and stated in the ad.

FEEDBACK: We invite and greatly value your feedback directly to us anytime, so please send any comments, suggestions or ideas to us at .

Your Satisfaction Is Important To Us

Your Feedback: We sell expensive (motor vehicle type items) and inexpensive items (non-motor vehicle items). On non-motor vehicle items, we don't wait as some sellers do to post feedback for you. We are confident in our packaging and shipping methods and our quality control of items we put on the auction block and in our stores. And if by some unforeseen quirk your item arrives late, or with issues, we trust that you will email us and allow us to immediately correct the situation to your satisfaction - before you might give us a negative. Therefore, on non-motor vehicle major purchase related items -- we post immediate positive feedback when you pay for the item by PayPal. If you pay us direct by credit card (and don't use PayPal), we post your positive feedback right when we process your credit card. If you are paying by PayPal or Bank Payment we will post your feedback once your payment is physically received by us, and funds are fully cleared by the bank.

Our Feedback: We have not done our job until we have shipped your item(s) to you, so we do not expect you to post our feedback until you have received your item(s). Once you have received your item(s) and all is well, we appreciate your positive feedback comment and a 5 star rating as it gives us validation that you have received your item(s) and you are very satisified, and all is well.

 If you would like to check out our Feedback at eBay, click here.

We want your 5 star rating in all areas. If for any reason you are not very satisfied in all areas there are stars listed for, we hope you would contact us to resolve whatever the issue might be before you post a negative feedback, or left us less than 5 star rating. Certainly if we are unable to satisfy you once we were aware you were not very satisified, we would expect a negative feedback rating, or less than 5 stars (and we really try hard to have all our customers very satisfied :).

Non-Paying Bidders: It shouldn't happen, but it does. At the eBay Live convention we attended in New Orleans, we found out that the three main reasons for non-payment is lack of communication by the seller, surprising shipping charges, and 'seller doesn't accept my preferred payment method'. None of these apply to 2NicePeople, as we communicate well, tell you in advance of the shipping charge, and accept just about every kind of payment method there is. We do appreciate prompt payment. We take non-payment seriously, and we will available ourselves of the new automated system provided by eBay that moves the process along and allows us to re-list our item(s) in a timely manner. 

We highly value our fellow eBay Members and being part of the eBay Community. Feedback is your reputation (and ours), and we handle posting feedback and comments with the utmost care. It's important. We make every possible effort to avoid posting a negative feedback comment. We know that things come up in life and we are all busy, and there are the unexpected things that cause us to forget.

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2NicePeople Privacy Statement
AuctionInstructor(com), and 2NicePeople(com) are companies of Phoenix Odyssey LLC.

2NicePeople / AuctionInstructor ("2NicePeople" and "we") created this Privacy Statement to demonstrate our firm commitment to privacy. The following policy discloses collecting, use, and disclosure practices for our Web sites. Our employees are required to follow our privacy policies. Those employees who violate our privacy policies are subject to disciplinary measures up to and including termination. We reserve the right to revise our Privacy Statement at any time at our discretion. Changes to our Privacy Statement will become effective upon posting to our Web site. We will endeavor to notify current registered users of our services of changes in our Privacy Statement by sending an email to their last known email address. Changes with respect to current registered users will become effective upon transmission of the email notifying them of such statement.

If you have any questions regarding our Privacy Statement and policies or your dealings with our Web site, please contact us as follows:

e-Mail Us:

Write Us:

2NicePeople (at eBay®)

Attn: Web Site Administrator

Mailing Address:
1202 SW 17 Street, #201, Suite 206
Ocala, FL 34471

Information Collection and Usage

We do not SPAM, and adhere to strict Anti-SPAM policies.Like many Internet Web sites, we collect different types of information in connection with the rendering of our services, the selling of our products and the administration of our Web site. We will not voluntarily disclose or sell any information we gather about you ("Personal Information") to third parties for solicitation or other reasons unless you consent, and except as otherwise provided below.

We will not sell your information to any third party. We do not SPAM, and adhere to strict Anti-SPAM policies. We may from time to time approach you regarding product, service, and other information, or offers which we feel, based on your Personal Information, may be of interest to you. If you do not wish to receive such information, you can contact us in the manner provided above. In addition, Personal Information may be released to third parties (i) if we are required by law to comply with a legal requirement, such as a law, regulation, search warrant, subpoena, or court order; (ii) if release of such information is required in connection with the maintenance and administration of our site; (iii) in the very rare circumstance in which we believe in good faith there is a threat to the physical security of you or others. Although it is 2NicePeople / AuctionInstructor's policy to attempt to require our third parties to whom we provide Personal Information to comply with our privacy policies, we cannot guarantee their compliance.

Our additional practices and policies with respect to our collection and usage practices are addressed as follows.

Choice to Opt Out Users have the opportunity to opt out of receiving any other future emails regarding announcements, new-feature notifications, and special offers from 2NicePeople / AuctionInstructor. Users can also, at any time, opt out of receiving other future emails by contacting us in the manner provided above.

Security We are aware of Internet User concerns about the privacy of their information. Our Web site has security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse, and alteration of the information under our control. User information is stored on servers protected by firewall, system-level, and database-level security.

Only those employees of 2NicePeople / AuctionInstructor who require access to data concerning Users are granted access to the data (e.g., marketing product managers, system administrators, customer service representatives, and engineering personnel). Access to User data by 2NicePeople / AuctionInstructor employees is further limited by being solely available through a dedicated administrative interface and through use of a restricted user ID and password. Here again, eBay's Privacy Policy prevails. To read's Privacy Policy, go to:

International Information Personal data that you have voluntarily entered is delivered electronically to servers located in the United States. may use servers located outside of the USA. By using 2NicePeople / AuctionInstructor, you consent to the transfer of this data and to 2NicePeople / AuctionInstructor's, and's use of such data as outlined in this policy.

Feedback Users may provide feedback (e.g., input and suggestions) to 2NicePeople / AuctionInstructor regarding the 2NicePeople / AuctionInstructor Web site. Users providing feedback must provide their name and email address. Any contact information entered when providing feedback will only be used to acknowledge or respond to that feedback. Users are encouraged to provide their input and suggestions by sending an email to

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We hate this yucky legal geek speak stuff, but it has to be here :)

Welcome to 2NicePeople ("2NicePeople" at Web site!

We have designed and published the pages in the 2NicePeople Web site at, the Web site at 2NicePeople and AuctionInstructor to provide you with information about our companies, the ability to place orders for our products and services, and the opportunity to contact us with any questions or remarks that you may have. In continuing our tradition, 2NicePeople and AuctionInstructor strives to inform, serve, and communicate with its customers.
So that we may continue to promote our customer's interests, we have certain rules and restrictions regarding the use of this site. Your use of this 2NicePeople Web site at, 2NicePeople and AuctionInstructor are conditioned on the following terms (as well as the terms of By accessing our 2NicePeople Web site at, 2NicePeople or AuctionInstructor, you agree to these terms. If you do not agree with any of these terms, you must exit the 2NicePeople site at, 2NicePeople and AuctionInstructor web site immediately.

Use Restrictions The 2NicePeople Web site at, 2NicePeople or AuctionInstructor contains material protected by law, including but not limited to copyrights and trademarks. Some of the intellectual property rights on the 2NicePeople Web site at, 2NicePeople or AuctionInstructor site include: product and accessory photo & text copyrights, trademarks, etc. owned by 2NicePeople or AuctionInstructor, or other intellectual property rights owners referenced on the site.

All rights in this material are reserved to 2NicePeople, or AuctionInstructor, and materials may not be reused in any way or copied in whole or in part without prior written permission from 2NicePeople or AuctionInstructor, except that users may download the contents of the 2NicePeople Web site at, 2NicePeople or AuctionInstructor Web site on any single computer and print a copy of the contents solely for use in learning about or acquiring 2NicePeople or AuctionInstructor services or products. Otherwise, you may not print, copy, reproduce, distribute, transmit, upload, download, store, display in public, alter, or modify the contents of the 2NicePeople Web site at, 2NicePeople or AuctionInstructor. In addition, you may not hyperlink other Web sites with the 2NicePeople Web site at (except where granted permission by, the 2NicePeople Web site or AuctionInstructor (without being granted permission respectively by 2NicePeople or AuctionInstructor), and you may not use (except as granted by Policies) or those of any company whose trademarks, trade names appear in our 2NicePeople or AuctionInstructor website, or the 2NicePeople or AuctionInstructor name, trademarks, trade names, graphics or art or patented designs, for any reason. All trademarks owned by others that are used or referenced in our 2NicePeople, or AuctionInstructor website remain their property of their respective owners.

Submissions We welcome your feedback, data, answers, questions, comments, suggestions, plans, and ideas. Except for customer orders, 2NicePeople and AuctionInstructor shall not be obligated to keep any Submission confidential. 2NicePeople and AuctionInstructor shall own all rights and title in the Submissions to the 2NicePeople Web site at, the Website at 2NicePeople and AuctionInstructor, and shall be free to use the Submissions, without liability, for any purpose, including developing, manufacturing, and marketing products incorporating such information. If you would like to present confidential or proprietary information, please contact 2NicePeople or AuctionInstructor directly so that we can make arrangements for this disclosure.

Warranty Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability Because of the open access to this 2NicePeople Web site at, 2NicePeople or AuctionInstructor, its contents are provided "AS IS." 2NicePeople and AuctionInstructor cannot and does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy, timeliness, or completeness of the content and materials presented on the 2NicePeople Web site at, 2NicePeople or AuctionInstructor. WITH RESPECT TO THE CONTENTS OF THE 2NICEPEOPLE WEB SITE AT EBAY.COM, 2NicePeople, or AuctionInstructor WEB SITE, AND PRODUCTS SOLD ON THE 2NICEPEOPLE WEB SITE AT EBAY.COM, 2NicePeople, OR AuctionInstructor, 2NicePeople AND AuctionInstructor SPECIFICALLY DISCLAIMS ANY WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, AND NONINFRINGEMENT OF THIRD-PARTY RIGHTS. IN NO EVENT WILL 2NicePeople OR AuctionInstructor BE LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGES, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION DIRECT, INDIRECT, SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, LOSSES, OR EXPENSES ARISING IN CONNECTION WITH THE CONTENTS OF THE 2NICEPEOPLE WEB SITE AT EBAY.COM, 2NicePeople, OR AuctionInstructor WEB SITE OR OUT OF THE USE OF 2NICEPEOPLE WEB SITE AT EBAY.COM, 2NicePeople, OR AuctionInstructor WEB SITE, OR ANY PRODUCTS SOLD ON THE 2NICEPEOPLE WEB SITE AT EBAY.COM, 2NicePeople, or AuctionInstructor WEB SITE. The 2NicePeople Web site at, 2NicePeople and AuctionInstructor may offer certain links to other Web sites in an effort to provide additional information. These other sites, however, are not under 2NicePeople or AuctionInstructor control, and 2NicePeople and AuctionInstructor neither endorses, nor is responsible for the content on such Web sites. Jurisdiction The 2NicePeople Web site at is stored on a server located where determines. As such, the privacy and confidentiality of information as Safe Harbor (Rules & Safety), and User Agreement prevail. These terms and conditions of eBay shall be governed by and construed in accordance with eBay's Public Policies posted at Safe Harbor (

Users of this 2NicePeople Web site at agree that any dispute regarding the terms and conditions as stated by will be raised in the state according to legal terms. Users using 2NicePeople, or AuctionInstructor Website agree that any dispute regarding the terms and conditions as stated by 2NicePeople or AuctionInstructor shall be raised in the courts located in the City of Ocala, Marion County, Florida. In addition, 2NicePeople and AuctionInstructor makes no representation that the contents of this 2NicePeople Web site located at, 2NicePeople, or AuctionInstructor are appropriate or available for use in any other locations.

Whew, we hope we've answered your questions and concerns in this FAQ. As always, know that we welcome all emails from our visitors and customers, and we truly mean it when we tell you 'No question is too small'. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share our policies and other information with you.

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