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Saddle Care

Congratulations on your new saddle purchase! Here are some tips to help you keep your saddle looking like new!

-All saddles should be kept on a stand, this helps preserve the tree and fleece lined underside, and also keeps the leather from curling up from being kept on the ground.

Care of Synthetic Saddles:

    • You can wipe your synthetic saddle down with a damp cloth or sponge whenever it gets dirty

    • Avoid submersing the saddle or getting it overly wet, as this can damage the interior.

    • You can use a stiff brush and some soapy water to get out tough stains.

Care of Leather Saddles/ Tack:

    • To preserve your leather saddle and tack, sweat and grime should be wiped off with a damp cloth after each ride. You can also rinse off your bit in a mixture of Listerine and water to avoid buildup of gunk and germs.

    • About once a month or whenever needed you can clean your saddle with a glycerin or oil based soap and water, and then apply a coat of oil or leather conditioner to keep your saddle soft and supple.

        • To clean your saddle (DO NOT use this technique with suede or rough out leather):

        • Wipe off excess dirt and grime with a damp towel and water.

        • Use a small sponge and create a lather with an oil based or glycerin saddle soap and water.

        • Rub the sponge and lather in small circles all over the saddle, then wipe off lather with a soft towel.

        • Use a soft cloth to apply a light coat of neatsfoot oil or leather conditioner to the leather- allow to soak in for several minutes, then wipe off excess with soft cloth.

Note: oiling your saddle can darken the leather of your saddle.

For suede and rough out leather, you can clean and oil the underside of the leather (smooth side). To remove stains on the rough side, try rubbing with a bit of sandpaper.